City Council Preview:  Travel Policy, Grand Jury Response, Police Chief Replacement

By Robert Haugh

Here’s a summary of some things that’ll be addressed at tomorrow’s special Council meeting.

  • Lots of union negotiations in closed session. 

  • Joint Study Session with the Planning Commission on Zoning Code Updates for Safe Parking, Assisted Living and continued discussion from the August 20 meeting. 

  • A consent calendar item updates the Council Policy on Official Travel by Elected Officials. 

  • Council will consider sending the City’s Response to the 2018-2019 Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury Report: “City of Santa Clara Public Records Access: The Paper Chase” This was the report on how the city responds slowly to public records requests. 

  • Council will declare the Vacancy for the Chief of Police and have a discussion on the process for filling the vacancy by appointment or an  election in March 2020.


  1. I don’t mean to attack you personally. I feel with every grain of my existence that you are not qualified to be a council member. I applaud your drive although representing the city is more than a steady paycheck. The city manages billions in assets, what are your qualifications?

    Best of luck to you. I will be knocking on doors for the opposition.

  2. I hope ABecker runs for
    office in 2020. All his swipes at the city just because he doesn’t like the mayor. With his buddies Patty and Miles, he is going nowhere. He doesn’t realize he’s being used while the niners feather Patty and Miles nest. These old blue Packers have lost all of their steam.

    I am looking forward to Duh Becker running for office in 2020. In the meantime I’m sure Patty and Miles need an Uber periodically.

    • quite childish , in fact gutless that people remain nameless. Coward is a better term. as for Blue Pac continues to sound like a myth…I am still waiting to find out what happen who was behind it etc. wheres the beef ? blue pac and the developers funneling money through police and fire unions sounds like two birds of a feather.
      As for 2020, stay tuned the election always needs a little razzle dazzle
      And Uber, get with the times I moved on from that nearly 4 years ago. Childish insults from unintelligent people. It pretty much proves this, when they can’t prove something they resort to immaturity and ugly tactics including insults and degradation…it sounds nothing short of behaviors of the current white house or the majority of congress no wonder people are sick of politics. When you rattle cages it scares the sheep.

  3. The meeting was moved to Wednesday September 4th for the joint meeting with planning commission as well as the regular council meeting per planning staff might want to update that
    -Anthony Becker
    Chair, Planning Commission

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