City Council Preview

By Robert Haugh 

Here’s a list of some items for tomorrow’s council meeting:

  • A closed session item on potential litigation by All Vision LLC, regarding a January 17, 2020 letter from All Vision regarding termination of Agreement and costs incurred. We’ll report more info on this tomorrow.

  • Informational Report on Councilmember Patty Mahan’s resignation from City Council. We’ll report more on this issue later this week.

  • Study Session: Census 2020 Update – Communication and Outreach Plan

  • Request to Defer: Information on Alternate Leasing Plan for Department Stores at Related Santa Clara Project

  • Public hearing on Action on Approval of First Amendment to the City Manager Employment Agreement

  • Public Hearing: Action on Project Approvals for the Proposed 65 Residential Unit Affordable Housing Project at 2330 Monroe Street

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