Measure C Debate Tonight, Dorothy Rosa Stars in Yes on C Campaign Video

By Robert Haugh

Good news for anyone who hasn’t decided how they’re voting on Measure C.

Tonight, there will be a Measure C debate. It’s being hosted by the Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association.

According to the group, the Yes on Measure C side will be represented by Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilwoman Teresa O’Neill.

The No side will be represented by Councilwoman Karen Hardy and a yet to be named person.


Gillmor and O’Neill co-wrote an op-ed for Measure C. Hardy and Councilman Raj Chahal co-wrote an op-ed against Measure C.

The debate moderator will be Pete Constant. He’s the Vice President of the SVTA and a former San Jose City Councilman. The SVTA has not taken a position on Measure C and will not do so.

The debate will be at Santa Clara City Hall from 7 to 8 p.m. It’ll be streamed live on the SVTA Facebook page and possibly on the City’s YouTube channel.

This should be a good discussion. We’ll be watching.

Dorothy Rosa

Dorothy was the first ever Santa Claran of the Year last year and was celebrated in the Parade of Champions.

She was also the star of a 2016 campaign video for Gillmor that got rave reviews.

This year, she’s the star of another video. It’s for Yes on Measure C. There are other people in it, but it’s hard to outshine Dorothy.



  1. The opposition to “C” is not looking for facts.
    Their just pushing their 49er agenda, $650,000 buys a lot of fair weather friends. It doesn’t buy Santa Clarans for Santa Clara!

  2. Hasn’t anyone talked with Becker? It’s pretty easy to see that Patty wrote that thread. When Anthony writes, you can see the residule crayon marks.

    • I would gladly join the debate
      there was much more to discuss about Measure C

  3. Great maybe Jed York can be the mystery panelist, or one of the Niner Staff, join the debate since his Team is so against Measure C.

  4. YouTube video. Seven scenes. Six with predominantly older white people who oppose giving minorities a fair shake. Sad. They just don’t get it.
    Vote NO on C.

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