Santa Clara Census 66 Percent Response Rate is Higher Than National Average

By Robert Haugh

Mission City residents are doing a good job responding to the census.

Our response rate is 66 percent. 

The County response rate is about the same.

California’s response rate is 58 percent. 

The national rate is 56 percent.

Here’s a website where you can look up the data for any part of the nation.

The City has been encouraging residents to participate.  Here’s a plea from a press release:

“One of the things the census determines is how much money we receive from the federal government. These funds will help support our community in everything from medical care, access to food, senior services and more.”

The good news is that you can fill out a census form without leaving home or violating social distancing rules.

There are three ways to do it:


  1. Proud to see Santa Clara proving how devoted they are to the census a constitutional tradition.

    I think with the shelter-in-place and the recent success of No on C campaign (which gave Santa Clarans more representation in local government) they had more time and interest in this census. Which is great news.

    I think Santa Clarans are eager to be involved not only on how much money we receive from the fed, but how much representation we get.

    Following this 2020 census, our council district boundaries will more than likely adapt since the current district map was based on data from the 2010 census.

    While many debated that 6 districts was too many for Santa Clara….I think it’s an appropriate amount ready for growth. Our population has boomed since the 2010 census and we have a lot more new housing than we did then. Can’t wait to see the new numbers ! everyone counts

    Great Job Santa Clara leading by example ! 66% it outstanding !

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