AWARDS: Best and Worst of the Week — Police Chief Pat Nikolai and “Not” the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce

By Robert Haugh

The Good —The Leg Drop Award:

Pat Nikolai was sworn in as Santa Clara’s new police chief this week. He’ll fill the rest of Mike Sellers’ term this year. Then, he’ll run for a full four-year term. Nikolai almost beat the controversial Sellers four years ago. The morale at the police department has improved a lot since Sellers left and Nikolai took over. Congratulations to Chief Nikolai.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

The “Not” the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce wanted to get involved in how the City distributed money to small businesses in the Mission City during the COVID-19 pandemic. But they haven’t really done anything. They haven’t raised any money to help the people they represent in Santa Clara.

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  1. Pat, You can arrest me anytime. You can even put cuffs on me. I would give you no resistance ( just kidding ) It is about time that we have a Police Chief that knows the law and abides by it. I wish you so much luck. I already feel safe. The people of Santa Clara knew what they were doing. Hope to see you soon.

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