A Santa Clara Tradition, the Annual Cleanup Campaign Begins This Week

By Robert Haugh

A great Santa Clara tradition is underway this week — the annual Spring cleanup campaign. 

This year, the event was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a child, I recall riding around the neighborhood looking at overflowing piles of trash. But for some of us, trash also meant treasure. Hey, for children, finding a ball glove or bat was cool.

I also remember piling up the back of my father’s pickup truck with loads to haul to the “Dump” in the Northside. It was exciting to see the mountains of junk.

The Dump became the golf course. That will soon become Related Santa Clara. We’re turning trash into treasure. 

The annual cleanup is a way for Mission City residents to tidy up — or recycle.  It’s a great help for our residents who can’t make a trip to the dump or afford renting a truck or hauling service. 

To find information on the cleanup campaign, visit this site. A video about the campaign can be viewed here

To report illegal dumping in progress, call the Santa Clara Police Department Non-Emergency number at 408-615-5580.

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