Response to Scandalous Story by Carolyn Schuk in the Santa Clara Weekly/SV Voice

By Robert Haugh

It’s unfortunate that Carolyn Schuk and the Santa Clara Weekly/SV Voice printed a terrible story full of serious errors about me on Friday. I’ve been involved in a child custody battle and have been falsely accused. It’s a painful situation for me and my family.

I was called for a comment by Schuk after the article was posted. That’s right, after.

My attorney, Chuck Smith, was never called. But here’s his statement:

“The allegations were made by my client’s ex-wife in an effort to gain traction regarding custody matters of their minor child. This article is a smear on a perfectly good person.”

Charges against me were never filed. The case was dropped four days before Schuk printed her story. That’s right, four days before. That really important fact doesn’t appear in her story.

I look forward to more truth coming out in the future about false claims and bad reporting.


  1. SCW thrives on exploiting the personal stories of others on a purely biased basis.

    Good distraction from their own miserable lives.

  2. Robert, Hang in there. You know the vial source better than most.

    That decrepit old curmudgeon and his bimbo are despicable liars. Trying to exploit family matters to promote their own agenda.

    Rotten to the core, training for hell.

  3. In the US we like to say a person is innocent until proven guilty. Some have a problem with this concept but could we at least set the bar a little higher and say innocent until charged?
    Assuming the facts stated are correct, that among other things the story was written 4 days after the charges were dropped that is not journalism but just a political hit piece.
    Sounds like maybe Mile’s SC Weakly has hit bottom and continues to dig.

  4. Sorry Robert, no one deserves to be treated like this. Did I ever mention how much I was against the SC Weakly / Meakly?
    Trust me this really looks bad on them, not you. Talk about a low blow.
    I guess you now have your Winner / Loser for the Worst of the Week already.
    Burt Field

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