Response to Scandalous Story by Carolyn Schuk in the Santa Clara Weekly/SV Voice

I’m reposting my column from this weekend. I received a lot of good wishes and suggestions on what to do from people in the community who read it. I appreciate it.

By Robert Haugh

It’s unfortunate that Carolyn Schuk and the Santa Clara Weekly/SV Voice printed a terrible story full of serious errors about me on Friday. I’ve been involved in a child custody battle and have been falsely accused. It’s a painful situation for me and my family.

I was called for a comment by Schuk after the article was posted. That’s right, after.

My attorney, Chuck Smith, was never called. But here’s his statement:

“The allegations were made by my client’s ex-wife in an effort to gain traction regarding custody matters of their minor child. This article is a smear on a perfectly good person.”

Charges against me were never filed. The case was dropped four days before Schuk printed her story. That’s right, four days before. That really important fact doesn’t appear in her story.

I look forward to more truth coming out in the future about false claims and bad reporting.

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