Hilarious Jed York Boogie Launched

By Robert Haugh

We just saw a hilarious new video called the “Jed York Boogie” that the Santa Clara Police Officers PAC put out. It’s really, really good. But you can judge for yourself.

You can watch it at JedYorkFacts.com.

Speaking of commercials, members of Jed’s Team appeared on commercials during Monday Night Football.

Some people were surprised because that time is expensive. But the commercials made it obvious that York is spending a lot of money trying to buy four council seats.

York is trying to take control of the City Council by electing the following people:

  • Anthony Becker (District 6),
  • Harbir Bhatia (District 1),
  • Suds Jain (District 5),
  • Kevin Park (District 4).

York is officially opposing the following candidates:

  • Rob Mezzetti (District 6),
  • Bob O’Keefe (District 5),
  • Councilwoman Teresa O’Neill (District 4),
  • Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe (District 1)
The Jed York Boogie


  1. So, so funny, great way to start my day. Kathy Watanabe has to be given credit always for the Yorkville reference, she came out with it first, and man did it hit home with me.
    By the way, I hadn’t heard of the new $$$$ being thrown in.

    Think of the good he could have done with this money. What a waste, on so many levels.

    Jed York is a “One Man Stimulus Check”. Not sure Google or Facebook need anymore help, but you can bet the local newspapers, TV and radio stations, not to mention the print shops are lining up with their hands out looking for more.
    I swear I can hear the distinct sound of the “Ding”, and just like Pavlov’s dog, they all start salivating and running to get their money.

    Lets do our best to show Mr. York that our City is not for sale at any price. My only real question left is this.
    What must he do before the Shareholders say, “Jed, have a seat, we need to have a chat”?

    Burt Field

  2. Daddy must have said okay cuz Jed kicked in another $600,000 to make it a grand total of $3 million, to date.

    Jed wants control! Let’s waste his money and keep control of the city, vote for the good guys.

    Ron Mezzetti
    Bob O’Keefe
    Teresa O’Neill
    Kathy Watanabe

  3. I posted this on the District 5 facebook group and will probably be banned from it since it is pro niners gang.

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