AWARDS: Best and Worst of the Week in Santa Clara — The Orange Tier and Kevin Park

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award

Our County moved into the Orange Tier this week as our COVID positivity rate declined.  That’s good news for local restaurants and businesses.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

Councilman Kevin Park is carrying the 49ers’ water for them. He was the lone person to vote against approving the City staff’s recommendations. Park argued that the City should pay the expenses without sufficient documentation. He also suggested cutting the Santa Clara Stadium Authority’s legal budget — the money used to defend the City against the 49ers lawsuits.


  1. District 5 has their own challenges. His name is Suds Jain. Hopefully he will come to the realization that he represents the residents of district 5. Not like a King, but as a representative.

    • Howard
      You are correct… District 4 is represented by “Your Grace”. District 5 has other issues.
      I’m so screwed up by the new Districts, no surprise, I am sure many of us are.
      This is what I do know, I want Teresa O’Neil back!
      Burt Field

    • I agree. Teresa had her own challenges and i didn’t always agree with her idea of what was best for Santa Clara but I always believed she wanted what she thought was best for the city.

    • As someone who went through the SCUSD recall mayhem, I wish someone would start a petition to get rid of the jain, chahal, Hardy, park and Becker muppets. Doesn’t have to be in that order as they are equally toxic and a pox on Santa Clara. They proved their worth and that worth is only to the York dynasty. Say what they want but their actions like their votes speak louder than their lies. Yes, I say lies as their words are worthless.

  2. I hate to pile on, but…
    When Kevin Park first ran for city council years ago I was a big supporter. I was proud to be the first one to contribute to his campaign. Now I just ask myself, where did that Kevin Park go? I have not recognized him for several years.

    • This is what happens when you get bankrolled! You carry Jed’s water.

  3. After seeing Kevin Park hanging around the council chambers for the last 5 years I thought he actually felt some civil responsibility. NOT!

    Kevin Park is not relevant whatsoever in terms of representing his district members. He is a monster that represents the 49ers while hiding behind cute bull***t stories about his daughter.

    This is not a slur on Asians, Kevin Park has shown himself to be an enemy of the city and needs to be recalled!

  4. Wait….
    Does this mean that my District 5 City Councilmembers, the person responsible for my affairs with the City is now the “Best” at representing the 49ers!
    I can’t wait until the day I can just stand in his shadow.
    How lucky are we that when we die, we can tell our kids that we knew this “Man”.
    Please remember, whenever you see this “Man-God”, drop to a knee, lower your head and utter, “Your Grace”. If he allows you the honor, kiss his ring as well.

    My suggest is we should start a Go Fund Me page and get a statue made in his likeness.
    How in the world did this self proclaimed “Genius” loose every single election before this one?

    So my question for the Day is this.
    Who is the bigger idiot now???
    “Your Grace” Kevin Park
    “Sugar Daddy” Jed York

    Feel free to write in any of the other four 49er City Council Members. I think they all need to be remembered for their service to our City.

    Burt Field

    • Once a loser always a loser.
      That’s Kevin Park!

      Wonder what his outspoken
      Supporters think of this
      Loser now.

      Time to bring back Teresa who
      rightfully should have won the
      District 5 election.

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