City Hall Receives More Abusive Communication from 49ers Executive Larry MacNeil

By Robert Haugh

In April, City Manager Deanna Santana, sent a letter to the 49ers about the abusive communication from 49er executive Larry MacNeil. Here’s a some of what she said:

“I am happy that you set the workplace expectations for your employees and your responsibility to maintain those values and requirements. This provides me an opportunity to share that over the years, SCSA staff have expressed concern with Mr. Larry MacNeil’s emails/letters because they are abusive, demeaning, harassing, and attack staff’s character. On many occasions, Finance, City Manager, and Clerk staff have expressed concern to me and how they do not feel comfortable interacting with him for these reasons.”

Looks like the team didn’t get the letter. Or they don’t really care about MacNeil’s abusive behavior because he’s at it again.

49ers Larry MacNeil
49ers executive Larry MacNeil

At their June 8th meeting, the City Council discussed the 49ers end zone field seats. The City Staff tried to get a majority of the Council to support a proposal to get more revenue for the Stadium Authority. 

That proposal failed when only Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Kathy Watanabe voted for it. Against it were the five pro-49er Councilmembers: Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal, Karen Hardy, Suds Jain and Kevin Park.

But a majority of the Council was willing to have the City staff explore other options.

Looks like MacNeil didn’t like that vote. And looks like he has an issue with Santana. Here’s what MacNeil wrote in a letter to Stadium Authority Board Members on June 14:

“Ms. Santana convinced you to avoid making a decision so she can spend another year cluttering your agenda with long-winded reports and exercising her growing body of Bureaucrats.”


What’s interesting is that MacNeil didn’t show up to the June 8th meeting to explain the team’s proposal. No one from the 49ers showed up. Jain had to carry their water for them by explaining the details.

MacNeil is not currently listed as being a member of the 49er’s front office.

He was the team’s CFO during the stadium campaign in 2010. 

As CFO, MacNeil pushed for the team to renege on Jed York’s promise to build soccer fields in our City.

MacNeil suddenly moved from the 49ers to the Raiders in 2016. Sources who worked with the team then can’t explain why.

MacNeil re-emerged as the point person for the Raiders dealing with the Oakland Mayor’s office where according to some people, he “ruffled a few feathers” there, too.

MacNeil rejoined the 49ers a few years ago around the time the team started suing the City.


  1. Being an attorney in cahoots with the Niners and some of the council members your credibility is Zero. You’re out for your own interest. You’re one of the whitest people around and care less about minorities unless they bring you a paycheck.

    The price of liquor is going up.

    • Ok, fearful of disclosing your name (perhaps with good reason), what facts support your defamatory allegations in your post? Do tell.

  2. Burt

    Why don,t you and I and anyone that agrees with us, meet for lunch ? Things are getting worse every day !!! These 5 mean, angry and hateful people, are nothing but sinners. They follow the rich people and could care less about anyone else. That’s the way they vote ! I want our city council back the way it was, People that vote both ways, not just Jed York ways. Please let me know what you think. I can not take much more of this!

    • You want City Council “back the way it was”? You mean all white people? Violating the rights of the plurality Santa Clara American-Asian Community, as two courts found? Really?

  3. Maybe MacNeil should go back to the ‘Jed York School of Charm’ for a refresher course’ in read what you write before sending.
    And the ‘faux five’ should attend ‘Politics 101’ where you are taught to at least pretend to care what your constituents want.
    Will they have the courage to ignore the residents when we are in person? I doubt it, I think they should fear having to face us, and I think they do. They have a lot to account for.

  4. How does this history of behavior gets no traction? Why aren’t more people up in arms over this history of abusive behavior?
    I know, stupid questions… I guess I should be more concerned about recycle bins and projected trash rates down the road. Sorry, what was I thinking.
    Really, who cares about our City Staff and City Employees right?
    Go Niners!

    Burt Field

    • Burt, it’s what u and the handful of posters here voted for! It’s just damage control now as none of “the five” voted for a subsidy from residents to a billionaire. Sorry it didn’t work out. None of these subsidies for billionaire NFL owners ever do, as you knew before you cast your vote in favor of Measure J.
      Sucks. But anyone who voted for Measure J owns this debacle.

  5. Larry the Lounge Lizard’s training all his 5 little grasshoppers well 2!

    Rude as rude and disrespectful as disrespectful can be.

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