Santa Clara City Manager Deanna Santana Warns 49ers About Abusive Team Executive Larry MacNeil

By Robert Haugh

We reported last week about how 49ers General Counsel Hannah Gordon sent a letter to City Manager Deanna Santana attacking City Attorney Brian Doyle for comments he made after an April 15 meeting.

Doyle wanted to put on the record his objections to the revelation that the 49ers “would like to see Brian Doyle gone,” as Councilman Suds Jain said.

We got a hold of an April 16 Santana email in response to Gordon. Santana disputes Gordon’s claim that Doyle had a tirade.

“I was in attendance at that meeting and can confirm that Brian made comments in a non-tirade manner. Upon his statements, ManCo did not respond to his comments, nor did I, and I ended the meeting.”

But Santana also took the opportunity to point out the bad behavior of a 49ers executive, Larry MacNeil.

“I am happy that you set the workplace expectations for your employees and your responsibility to maintain those values and requirements. This provides me an opportunity to share that over the years, SCSA staff have expressed concern with Mr. Larry MacNeil’s emails/letters because they are abusive, demeaning, harassing, and attack staff’s character. On many occasions, Finance, City Manager, and Clerk staff have expressed concern to me and how they do not feel comfortable interacting with him for these reasons.”

MacNeil has an interesting history. He was the 49ers CFO during the stadium campaign in Santa Clara. He was also the one who pushed for the team to renege on Jed York’s promise to build soccer fields in our City.

MacNeil suddenly moved from the 49ers to the Raiders in 2016. That’s when the Raiders were negotiating with both Oakland and Las Vegas on where to play. There was no explanation about why he left the 49ers.

MacNeil was the point person for the Raiders dealing with the Oakland Mayor’s office. Our sources say he “ruffled a few feathers” there, too.

The Oakland deal never happened and the team moved to Las Vegas.

MacNeil was brought back to the 49ers a few years ago around the time the team started suing the City. 

MacNeil is not listed on the 49ers front office roster. Scott Sabatino is listed as the CFO.

49ers executive Larry MacNeil


  1. What is macneil’s job description, traveling hit man? It’s important to hold them to their own standards. Works for Alinsky.

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