OPINION: I Think It’s Wrong That I Was Asked to Destroy Police Reports About Councilmember Kevin Park

By Debbie Algieri

I do not want to see the 49ers take over Santa Clara. But five Council members seem quite happy to let the 49ers run the stadium any way they want, even if it is harmful to the Northside where I live. But the rest of our city should be concerned, too. All of Santa Clara has been harmed by the team’s mismanagement of the stadium and apparent control over the City Council.

I also do not like how the new Council majority has made City Hall dysfunctional. The meetings are endless. There is a lot of nonsensical bickering with each other and with City staff. Some of the new Council members are bullying and try to intimidate. 

One of those new Council members, Kevin Park, will not even appear on camera during meetings. It is not right, and it is suspicious. But the Council majority does not seem to care.

The pro-49er Council majority is rewriting the standards for Santa Clara, even if it is making things worse and less transparent. So, I have been doing research to fight back on behalf of residents. 

As I talked to people in various Council districts, I came upon a disturbing story. 

In 2017 and 2018, Council member Park had the police come to his home on two separate occasions for a domestic violence call. I was surprised that this was not disclosed during last year’s City Council campaign. Voters have a right to know about candidates and elected officials on a serious matter like potential domestic violence. 

So I requested information to see for myself what his neighbors have been discussing. I got a police report through the police department as required by law. But a few days afterward, I got an email from Assistant Police Chief Wahid Kazem asking me to destroy the documents. He said the report had to be redacted.

This did not sound right to me. So, I talked to a few local attorneys who have knowledge about these matters. They believe the action is wrong and an official police report cannot be redacted for any resident, including a Council member. 

The police department’s actions raise a lot of serious questions for me and others. Do they do this for all police reports for all residents? If not, why are they bending over backwards to protect a Council member? Is this a cover up? More importantly, is the lack of action putting someone at jeopardy?

I am asking that the City investigate this matter immediately. And if the City cannot adequately investigate itself, District Attorney Jeff Rosen should investigate.

Santa Clara residents already believe the 49ers are running Santa Clara and getting away with a lot. We do not need a police department that makes matters worse by protecting Council member Park who was financially supported by the team with millions of dollars. Council member Park has in turn has been doing their bidding. 

If Santa Clara residents are to have any confidence in our city government, we need to know that City Hall and the police department are not protecting certain Council members just because they are close to an NFL football team.


  1. Jeff,

    Lots of money changes some people to reach further and further into the dregs of society. Money rules so many people now that it’s disgusting. It’s sad that these three city council members seem to have completely pushed away those who voted for them so that they can concentrate only on whatever Jed wants.
    Personally, I could never believe that the value of a man’s soul is the size of his wallet. But far too many people do!

  2. When I walked precincts with Councilmember Jain, he told me to make sure that I have the property owner’s approval before putting his campaign signs on ANY property. I know Councilmember Jain to be an honest and good person. I trust he is telling the truth here.

    • Along with Suds Jain, are you also calling Dorothy Rosa a liar and are you the same Jeff Houston that was Jain’s election campaign committee treasurer?

    • Do you mean Suds the candidate that said he can vote in downtown issues? The Suds I’m talking about broke his campaign promise. Jed didn’t care at all.

      Suds left the downtown revitalization high and dry. How can you look your friends in the face.

    • WOW !!!!! Suds , you did not put up your sign the same day you knock on my door !!!! LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE. two days after you left my house, is the first time your sign was on my lawn. You do not belong on our City Council. SANTA CLARA DESERVES BETTER THAN YOU AND YOUR TWO COHORTS.

    • Suds is a joke. Why did he even knock on Dorothy’s door. My favorite part of the story is he never denied putting his sign up blocking Bob O’Keefes sign. Can’t wait to vote these fools out of office.

    • Dorothy Rosa is a big fat liar
      She must be confused or feels stupid she said yes to Mr. Jain putting his sign up, then looked a fool when someone probably pointed it out to her. Now she lies to cover up the fact for being absent minded.
      Dorothy Rosa has a history or lying and leading people on. Get it together Dorothy !

    • Toto? Yeah, I know. That’s right right name for you. I can smell the poop already. Go ahead. Let the diarrhea come out. Then you will feel so much better once HONESTY takes over.

    • ToTo is a big fat liar
      ToTo must be confused or feels stupid
      Dorothy Rosa does have a history of being an honest caring lady and a good person.
      ToTo has a history or lying and leading people on
      ToTo You are a lowlife for trying to attack Dorothy’s character.
      Long list of Lowlifes…could be Hardy, Jain or Mrs Jain, Park, Jed, The Mahans, Becker…..

    • Interesting that this is what Dorothy posted: “Two days later, as I looked out my window I notice another sign. He had come back and shoved his sign right in front of bob’s. I pulled it out and broke it all up”. She didn’t notice my sign for 2 days afterwards so how is it that she called you the same day. I only put up my sign the same day that I talked with her. I did not come back two days later.

    • Sudds, you seem real anal but that’s par for what I see and hear watching council meetings

      Isn’t it possible Dorothy didn’t see the sign for 2 days and then called her friend to tell her about the drama you created

      Like D’s neighbor said you sure have thin skin

  3. I think it’s important to know which residents support Park and the other Jed York financed supporters. They are all complicit in the degradation of our city. It’s hard to believe our neighbors would sell the city out to this arrogant billionaire.

    • Hay Sudds, when you knew that I was a very good friend of Lisa Gillmore,and you saw Bob O ‘Keefs sign on my lawn, why did you knock on my door? You thought you could B. S. me !!
      By the way you tried to lie about your wife working in Santa Clara University—– but they caught you. You could not get away with it. You need some lessons on telling lies.

  4. I have only watched a few meetings but I also thought that it was very odd that he isn’t on camera. I was also very concerned that Kevin and several council members seem be overly concerned about pleasing the 49ers and not the voters at large.

    Unfortunately with the current districts we can only vote for (or against) one council member. For now at least, that’s the unfortunate reality.

    I’m incredibly disappointed to hear that any Council member is mistreating staff. Since voters put the officials in place and they can’t easily be removed it is disappointing to hear that any council members feel entitled to abuse their position.

    I’m not familiar with the laws regarding police reports but obviously neither council members or candidates deserve any special treatment.

  5. Is anyone surprised at the people that Jed York picked to run for him ? He picked the bottom of the barrel That’s why the three IDIOTS won Some of the people of Santa Clara did not know them. Let me give you an example — During the election, I had Bob O ‘ Keefe’s sign on my lawn. A couple of days later ,someone knocked on my door. His face was almost covered but when he said Sudds I realized who he was. I told him that I already had Bob’s sign up. Two days later, as I looked out my window I notice another sign. He had come back and shoved his sign right in front of bob’s. I pulled it out and broke it all up. This is the kind of people we are deal-ling with. Did you know that Sudds, Kevin and Becker meet with 49ers around 3:00 P:M before the City Council Stadium Authorities meeting. At 5.00 P.M Karen and Raj meet at a second meeting. Gee I wonder what that’s all about !!!

    • During the Campaign I knocked on Dorothy’s door. I knew she was a good friend of Lisa Gillmor’s and I had seen the Bob O’Keefe sign in her yard. Her husband answered but said he wasn’t that involved in politics and that I should talk with Dorothy. So I did for a while and explained who I was. I then asked if I could put a sign up and she said yes. I thought it was a big win so I texted Anthony Becker right away. Odd that Dorothy has a different story.

    • Odd that you would reply and call Dorothy a liar.
      Shows your thin skinned.

    • Doesnt the city do background checks on candidates? Maybe Park has his court ordered video online domestic violence classes on Tuesday’s so he cant use video for council meetings. What a POS. He needs to go.!!

  6. On April 19th, the Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD) released documentation in response to a Public Records Act (PRA) request. The California Public Records Act contains requirements for redaction by public agencies to balance the public’s right to know with residents’ rights to privacy. After a review by the City Attorney’s Office, they discovered that some of the information inadvertently included was exempt from releasing publicly and should have been redacted since the information implicated medical privacy rights, reporting party and witness information, and public employee personal information.

    Similar information has been redacted, on similar grounds, in prior PRA responses by the City of Santa Clara, and is not limited to information relating to Councilmembers. Upon discovery of the inadvertent release, the SCPD reached out to the requestor and respectfully asked that the unredacted documents that were released be destroyed (see, e.g., Ardon v. City of Los Angeles (2016) 62 Cal.4th 1176, 1182–1183; Newark Unified School Dist. v. Superior Court (2015) 245 Cal.App.4th 887, 894). The requestor was advised that the City was preparing properly redacted and code-compliant documents that would be sent as soon as they were ready. A properly redacted copy of the records was provided shortly thereafter. Visit https://www.santaclaraca.gov/home/showdocument?id=72789 to download a copy of the City’s communication with the requester and the City’s final response to the PRA.

  7. Who could possibly support Kevin Park other than Jed York? The 49er agenda is his biggest push. Personal issues aside, helping the City pull together through these tough times is sure not it.

    Can’t wait for the recall effort!

    The news today regarding councilperson Kevin Park spousal abuse/domestic violence was disturbing. Park’s actions is a embarrassment to his wife and family, the Korean community and the citizens of Santa Clara. Park must have not gone over the city’s Code of Ethics & Values. On the list from A to E, (A) I am trustworthy, acting with the utmost integrity and moral courage. No need to go further, Park is a coward for his actions and can not be trusted serving the citizens of Santa Clara. He should resign for the loss of public trust and lack of integrity. With that note all new council persons should read and understand the city’s Code of Ethics & Values before taking the Oath of office. Now we can understand why he doesn’t show his face while on council zoom meetings. Weird dude.

    • It is sad that you do not know why Kevin’s video feed is unavailable

  9. based on your assessment, it sounds like the fact that these reports about Kevin Park needed to be redacted because there was evidence of domestic violence/abuse. this is even worse than originally reported.

  10. Where there’s smoke there is usually fire waiting in the wings.

    49ers pick another female abuser. First disgraced Dominik Caserta. He’s gone.

    Now allegations of domestic abuse by Kevin Park being covered up? Jed’s multi million dollar candidate?

    What else don’t we know? You can’t hide behind that zoom screen for long Kevin Park.

    Domestic abuse or violence is not acceptable.

    Let’s get to the bottom of this FAST!

  11. Debbie, I appreciate all the work you have done. Kevin’s mysterious nature seems to be unraveling. It’s important to know who we have in office as he has shown himself to be a 49er.

    As much as I like Officer Wahid Kazem, it’s important to know where this request to destroy the documents came from. We need to know if Jed’s running the police department as well.

    No special treatment for the ruling class!

  12. I agree 100%. The 49ers have corrupted our city leaders. I knew this would happen and I voted against the stadium back when it was on the ballot. No one listened then and now look where we are. Our city is a mess.

    • Sarah….if I had the chance to press a “Reset” button just once in my life, I would wish that “Sugar Daddy” and his Carpet Baggers would never have been allowed to enter our City.
      Much less agree to to build and pay for his little personal playground.
      All the while “Sugar Daddy” is planning and scheming on ways to tear Santa Clara apart, piece by piece, brick by brick, person by person.

      All that is ugly of a Company town is here.

      Yorkville, California.

      Burt Field

  13. Double wow. Are we going to be called racist if we question what is going on here? Is there a connection to possible home unrest and not wanting to be on video? Or is there a connection between trying to gloss over possible domestic issues and the law suit he was supporting? Or getting him ready for the election, as you suggest?
    In any case the Kevin Park story is getting more and more weird. Is he in fact a mad scientist?

    • I’m not a fan of Mr Park. Having said that, police departments must redact sensitive information, especially when it comes to dv and sexual assaults in order to protect the victim(s) and minors. That report should not have been released without being redacted. I don’t like the majority of our council but in this case I don’t see a conspiracy to protect Park, rather if this is a domestic violence case, the names of victims or children within that report must be redacted before it’s released, every police department knows this.

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