BREAKING: 49ers “Would Like To See Brian Doyle Gone,” Councilman Suds Jain Publicly Admits

By Robert Haugh

Last night, the City Council had a “special meeting” to review City Attorney Brian Doyle.

Before going into a closed session, the public had an opportunity to comment. That’s when former City Clerk and Council candidate Bob O’Keefe asked each Council member to answer a question directly.

O’Keefe wanted each Coucilmember to disclose whether or not they have had discussions with the 49ers or their representatives about removing Doyle.

As City Attorney, Doyle has been successful in efforts to stop the 49ers from lowering their own rent.  

Doyle has also filed complaints against team execs Jim Mercurio and Al Guido for self-dealing and having financial conflict of interests.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe answered no. So did Councilmen Anthony Becker and Raj Chahal.

Then, Councilman Suds Jain said, “Yes, the 49ers have expressed to me that they would like to see Brian Doyle gone.”

Councilwoman Karen Hardy wouldn’t answer directly about the 49ers. But she said “I’ve had several people express their concerns about the City Attorney and I let them talk. But I don’t really respond.”

Councilman Kevin Park avoided answering the question completely. He said his opinions are his own.

Yesterday, it was discovered that Jain and Hardy gave inconsistent answers to how they called for a “special meeting,” according to the City’s outside legal counsel, Jenica Maldonado of the Renne Public Law Group.

That’s why the City Council had to re-notice the meeting last night.

After the closed session, Gillmor announced that Maldonado will bring up to three facilitators to the City Council for interviews. The purpose is to facilitate Doyle’s performance review.

The vote was unanimous, according to Gillmor.

This is a developing story.

Jed York and Suds Jain
49ers CEO Jed York (left) and Santa Clara District 5 Councilman Suds Jain.


  1. Time to Save the City
    The citizens of Santa Clara should be worried, 49er Jed York is now calling the shots in the city. Now York wants city Attorney Brain Doyle gone. Doyle is one of the true Warrior in protecting the city from total 49er control. We lose Doyle we lose the city. A group of concern citizens have been looking into on what it takes to recall the three newest council members. If interested go to We would like the group of citizens that started Stand Up Santa Clara take this on. There where the ones who told us the stadium was bad for the city and they were right on. We didn’t know the York’s where bad people. Lesson learn, the other to clowns Raj and Karen has less than two years and the way things are going they could be one term council members. It all comes down to control and money and the 49ers want both and they are willing to spend what ever it takes. We the people are the losers.

  2. Bob! You are OK!
    Good job on the Q&A!
    Next question shud b
    to Park and how he
    likes Doyle but by the
    agenda shows he is
    one of the 4 asking
    for these mtgs 2 fire
    Doyle. Just like Jain
    Hardy & Becker.
    Lots more Q&A need
    2 happen with the
    49er friendly bunch.

  3. If the 49ers do NOT want someone at City Hall that should be enough reason to keep the person!

    The 49ers want to go back to a Santa Clara City Attorney that will do their bidding. Look at the original contracts that require two of the three parties to modify the contract. Of course the 49ers are StadCo and ManCo, do that will never happen.

    The current city attorney has been doing hard work with a ridiculously bad hand dealt by a certain City Attorney that should have been investigated by the Attorney General ages ago.

    But money talked then and it’s screaming now.
    If anyone thinks the 49ers that have been getting everything for “pennies on the dollar” aren’t expecting obedience for their $3 million investment, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

    This is the ONLY news source that has consistently exposed the 49ers management for what they really are. But sadly, you’re only scratching the surface.

    • The ghost sounds of Nosky Fuentes and Matthews shredding paper at Cityhall can still be heard in the halls late at night. LOL!!

  4. You can tell Suds had the most trouble lying and selling out our the city to the 49ers although still following the insurgent plan.

    I would hope some of these council members might have a conscience or a little common decency or perhaps even a higher faith to keep them on an honest path.

    NOPE! They all bow for Jed.

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