BREAKING: Councilman Anthony Becker Calls For Special Meeting to Fire City Attorney Brian Doyle

By Robert Haugh

There’s been some big and breaking news out of City Hall since we went to press last night.

Yesterday, Councilman Anthony Becker asked for a special meeting. It’s for the purpose of disciplining, dismissing, or releasing a public employee. Wow.

City Hall sources say he wants to fire City Attorney Brian Doyle.

Four council members need to ask for the meeting to make it happen.

Becker was joined today by Councilmen Raj Chahal, Suds Jain, and Kevin Park in calling for a special meeting.

This is the first time this has happened in Santa Clara history.  

Sources inside and outside City Hall believe Becker is acting at the request of the 49ers.

Doyle has been a big critic of the 49ers. 

Doyle has also led the defense against the numerous lawsuits the team has filed against Santa Clara.

Last April, Jain publicly admitted that the 49ers “would like to see Brian Doyle gone.”

Last year, 49er President Jed York spent $3 million to elect Becker, Jain, and Park. The trio have lost numerous Santa Clara elections. In fact, none of them have won an election on their own.

That’s why community members are calling them “Jed’s Three Million Dollar Men.” 

The fourth person to ask for a special meeting is Chahal. 

Chahal has been a consistent pro-49er vote.  

Chahal has never voted against Jed’s Three Million Dollar Men on a 49er issue.

It will take 4 out of 7 votes to fire Doyle. 

This is a developing story. We’ll update when we learn the time of the special meeting.


  1. What grounds are they claiming justify his dismissal? I can appreciate the need for transparency in who’s backing who on city council, but so many of your articles Robert are just chasing down conspiracies or complaining about the 49ers. I’m more interested in what they are claiming Doyle did, if there is validity to their claim, and if dismissal is the appropriate recourse.

  2. Hee hee!

    I hope these 5 bozoz are losing lots of sleep! Can you imagine Becker gets a cushy government job and loses his stipend! Guy can’t even keep a job in politics. Would serve him right.

    Yep, get some Sleepeez, Bozoz! Your days are numbered.

    Jed York’s too!

  3. This needs to be an in person meeting in the council chambers! These council members have hid behind their computer screens and need to face their constituents in person.

    This nonsense needs to stop!

  4. We need to act now. I’m just not sure what can be done. Recalls are effective but take a lot of time and effort. Would the citizens of SC spend the time getting signatures? Suggestions?? They have to be stopped. Lisa and Kathy can’t do anything with this group on the council.

  5. To have an impact, do a poster and protest in front of there home since they will all be on Zoom at the meeting. Make a little noise so they know you are there? Need an address, let me know! It’s time to make them think twice about doing Yorks bidding and filling there pockets with $$$$ at some point.

  6. Rumor has it to secure votes in the last election Suds Jain promised an Old Quad Leader who’s wife is an attorney representing another California city the job of Santa Clara City Attorney once Doyle was gone. Jain has admittedly and publicly stated that he has been in discussions with the 49ers to remove Doyle. It will be very interesting if this Old Quad and Downtown leaders wife (or her firm) is suggested by the new council majority for City Attorney.

    Time to wake up Anthony, you are being used.

    • Do you mean Old Quad President Adam Thompson’s wife? She does work for the firm that is the City Attorney for the City of Santa Cruz, ATCHISON, BARISONE & CONDOTTI their website shows that she specializes in municipal law. Jain’s political payback? Hmm… inquiring minds want to know.

    • For the inquiring minds out there . . . My wife is not Victoria Thompson, nor does my wife work in municipal law. It might be good to do a little fact checking prior to tossing out accusations.

    • Adam, thank you for clearing this up. As indicated I am very glad this isn’t the case. Perhaps I should never have considered this possible but these days too many things I thought impossible are coming true. As I said in an earlier post, ‘I thought living in Fantasyland would be more fun’.
      Sorry I even considered it.

    • OGA, what are the chances that is true? I had heard Adam supported Suds, which I could never understand. I would like to think that isn’t the reason and am open to other ideas. Anyone out there have some light to shed on this? Last thing we need is a city atty that owes favors to the 49ers.

    • Despite Adam’s poor choice to support Suds, this is not about his wife. It’s somebody named Victoria Thompson. His wife name is Alyssa. Alyssa currently has a noble job as a public defender for Santa Cruz.

      This is not about Adam and Alyssa Thompson.

    • We need to look at the original posting “Who’s next ask Jain!” There is no mention of who this attorney wife of an Old Quad leader is or if she worked for a particular law firm in Santa Cruz. Another person posts info about a female attorney in Santa Cruz also with the last name of Thompson, small world, who would have imagined two female govt. attorneys in Santa Cruz named Thompson. Adam Thompson is quick to say that Victoria Thompson is not his wife nor does his wife work for a certain law firm but there is no denial of the rumor in the original post that Suds Jain promised the job of Santa Clara City Attorney to a wife of an Old Quad leader to secure votes referenced him or his wife. I guess Mr. inquiring minds will have to wait and see. Actually after this termination $h!t show is over, what attorney in his or her right mind would want the job.

      One thing I do know that the original poster got right, Becker your cohorts are using you. You never have actually been part of the gang, they will let you crash and burn.

    • Becker is happy for the first time in his entire life he is able to be used. Other than by one of his boyfriends.

      All five of them are being used by Jed.

  7. All I have to say is these four are going to cause another lawsuit for the city after they chastised Lisa and Kathy for the CVRA lawsuit.
    I hope they’re ready for a wrongful termination lawsuit because that’s where it’s headed. And Doyle definitely will have grounds since none of them have any reason to terminate him. People might think Doyle doesn’t do anything but that’s not a legal reason to be terminated.
    There four are ridiculous but at least they’re giving us dirt and reasons to not re-elect them!
    Congrats to the 49er five for digging the city into yet another shit show. Make sure you let your neighbors know what’s going on!

    PS. Some documents were released that include Beckers text messages and and email threads from the city council. If you go to and search for record number 21-640 you’ll find some very interesting things said by Becker that are definitely not a good look. BUT careful because Becker might name drop you to his collusion buddies if you don’t fit his agenda hahahaha. How someone like this got elected is beyond stupid.

    Hats off these clowns and the mess they are creating.

    • Calg: WOW you weren’t kidding about 👇👇👇 and search for record number 21-640
      being a good read. Not a big surprise the serial sexual predator Dominic Caserta is coaching Becker giving him a little tips and tricks on how to survive in politics what a joke in the meantime Caserta is nagging Becker to find out when his tobacco item is going to be on the agenda. BJ Fleck is another one of Beckers besties what an ambulance chasing POS.

  8. There is no way in hell that these 4 councilmen have not violated the Brown Act numerous times doing their bidding for the 49ers. If a majority of the city council vote to remove our very excellent city attorney, I will work with any organized group that pops up to recall them, and I am not one who normally participates in politics. It is truly tragic what these councilmen have done in short order to bring chaos to the city staff, and by extension all Santa Clara citizens. I have lived here my entire life and for many years. The city council, staff, employees and citizens have had an excellent relationship the majority of the time and Santa Clara was the envy of many other cities. These clowns seem to have no sense in the very least of doing what is best for Santa Clara first or honoring and cherishing our cities previous generations or the amazing history of our city. I will make a sizable donation to any group that investigates Brown Act violations and the councils incestuous relationship with the 49ers, and also any recall effort aimed at these 4 councilmen. This is worthy of a Santa Clara County Grand Jury investigation. At best, these 4 councilmen are irrational, incompetent, petulant, and rude, you can figure out the “at worst” part, not enough space here. These are the same councilmen who voted, aside from Becker, to “defund” 8 police officer positions after the city just got millions in federal aid to finance these positions.

    • A little birdie told me that the SC county district attorney is aware of the shit show that is the 49er five and is already investigating further!

  9. It’s about time they got rid of Doyle! He has done nothing but cost the City of Santa Clara millions and been Lisa’s handmaiden and sidekick for all her shenanigans too.

    Santa Clara pays big bucks for a City Attorney – they should get someone who deserves the pay as an counsel not to as a step’n fetch it for chosen ones

    • Informed Voting Citizen! Maybe you should be worried about your precious tax $$ that are going to be used to pay Doyle after he sues the pants off the City for this violation of dismissal! Look up Milpitas and see how much that attorney got paid recently! Recall these bozos instead!!

    • Informed voting citizen. Was this label intended as a joke? Asking for a friend.

  10. Complete and utter BS.
    There is no basis for this, he is a fantastic attorney and has had our Cities best interest at every turn.
    How do we stop this? What can the residents do to make sure this does not happen?

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