Major SF Chronicle Story Exposes 49er Friendly Council’s Attempt to Fire City Attorney Brian Doyle

By Robert Haugh

The San Francisco Chronicle published a pretty amazing piece Friday evening about the Council majority’s request to oust City attorney Brian Doyle.

Ron Kroichick and Lance Williams penned the article.

The Chronicle did a good job of getting quotes from Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe and Doyle.

Gillmor stated: 

“The 49ers appear to believe that by removing the city attorney they can avoid oversight of the stadium, and avoid any court decisions that will not be in their favor,” Gillmor said. “Consequences could be dire for them. They need to get out of court, and quickly.”

Watanabe said:

“The 49ers don’t like Doyle because “he stands up to them with all of their lawsuits,” Watanabe said in a phone interview. “They are not happy because they are not getting their way.”

Doyle defended himself:

“Doyle said as city attorney he has been “faithful to the city and the city’s interests.”

But the 49er friendly Councilmembers were silent:

“Councilmen [Anthony] Becker and [Kevin] Park refused to comment Friday, and [Vice Mayor Raj] Chahal did not immediately respond to a voicemail. [Suds] Jain also declined to comment.”

Hmm. The most talkative Council members are silent. 

This is really funny since last Tuesday, Becker had a long rant about how only a blog (yours truly) is covering the 49ers issues and so it must not be true.

Becker said:

“If there was a violation of state law, why isn’t anyone talking about it besides blogs?” … Why isn’t it on news sites? Why is it not over the free press? Why is there not helicopters flying in and people being arrested?

Becker should be careful what he wishes for, especially the helicopters.

But Becker should probably not go silent when the Bay Area’s top newspaper calls him days after he complains that no major media outlet is writing about these stories. Or maybe he has something to hide.

The 49ers also were silent:

“A 49ers spokesman did not respond to requests for comment.”

That’s a first. Usually 49ers spokesman and hitman Rahul Chandhok has a lot to say.

Maybe they do have something to hide. And are afraid of the helicopters.

This is a developing story.


  1. If this is not enough to nail these crooks, I don’t know what is. This is steeling !!!!!! I think what we need to do is to shut down the whole stadium. I love the 49er team, but I hate crooks more.

  2. They have been told by their masters to Shut The F&@K Up Jain blew it bad when he was caught off guard in a past council meeting when asked a question from the public and honestly answered, saying that he had been in private discussions with the 49ers and they wanted City Attorney Doyle fired Know he says that those discussions are “irrelevant”. No Suds they are relevant and soon you will see how relevant.

    • Everyone knows the 49ers mgmt controls the local media!! SJMN, Weakly, SJFlashlight and SJ Inside! The SFChron is NOT! ‘Bout time we got unbiased reporting! But the 49er 5 can’t talk to the Chron ‘cause Jed Boy cannot control the message. Too bad. So sad. Ha! Ha! Ha!!

  3. Becker doth protest too much, methinks. Odd that this voting block is avoiding the press; if their cause was righteous, one would think they would welcome the media coverage.

  4. I love Sud’s and his “irrelevant” comment. The story probably went some thing like this. 49ers to Suds and other4, – “I want the city attorney fired”. Suds reply – “for what he hasn’t done anything wrong” 49ers – “thats irrelevant, fire him. Suds – “ok”. Chronicle to Suds – “In an earlier comment you said the 49ers wanted the city attorney fired, care to comment on why”. Suds – ” that’s irrelevant”.

  5. You would think it’s impossible for these five to collude for the 49ers without violating the Brown Act. I guess we’ll need all their phone calls, emails, and texts.

    • Oh honey! Do a search of City public records requests and responses! Baby, these 5 are so tied in! They are going DOWN! The sounds of chain shackles should be ringing in their ears, Jefe Rosen!! This is your re-election present!! Enjoy!

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