BREAKING: Santa Clara Special Council Meeting to Fire City Attorney Brian Doyle Set for Wednesday, 5:30 pm

By Robert Haugh

The City just posted a notice for the special City Council meeting that was called by Councilman Anthony Becker and supported by pro-49ers Councilmen: Raj Chahal, Suds Jain and Kevin Park.

We broke this story on Friday. They’re expected to fire City Attorney Brian Doyle.

The SF Chronicle followed up with a long story talking about the 49ers’ role in the potential firing.

(Note: the Chronicle story may be behind a paywall. You can read most of it on the Stand Up for Santa Clara website).

Here’s how to watch and comment:

• Via Zoom: 

Meeting ID: 997-0675-9306 

Phone: 1(669) 900-6833 

• Via the City’s eComment (now available during the meeting) 

• Via email to 

As always, the public may view the meetings on, Santa Clara City Television (Comcast cable channel 15 or AT&T U-verse channel 99), or the livestream on the City’s YouTube channel or Facebook page.


  1. Jain, Becker, Hardy, Chahal and Park.
    This ain’t no joke.
    Your futures and reputations are on line.
    Jed York doesn’t give a 💩 ‘bout ya’ll.
    He can drop $3 million and buy more elections.
    Unless you really like orange jumpsuits!

  2. For anyone wishing to leave an eComment for the Council about this action, use URL:

    Look for agenda item “21-1209 Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release (Government Code § 54954, subd.(e)). ” There are 2 attachments, a PDF with Councilmember Becker’s meeting request to discuss “the dismissal of a public employee for no-cause …” and there is a staff “Legislation Text” containing the governmental code describing CA state meeting rules. (If interested see – but then you’ll probably need to look through the City’s governmental code concerning the position of attorney … and then you’d need to see the employment contract, which certainly will not be made available.)

    The relevant eComment link for public comments is to the right, one line down. IMPORTANT: If you are not signed in, you can type into the eComment text box but your words will NOT be saved. You must “Sign In” at the top. (You may need to “Sign Up” first.)

    In any case, if you’ve got a thought about this proceeding be sure to let the City Council know.

  3. These councilman will find themselves in front of the Santa Clara County Grand Jury if they do fire our excellent city attorney, and also for their continuous Brown Act violations and undocumented meetings and calls with the 49ers. I’m going to send a letter to Jeff Rosen, our District Attorney, asking him to convene a Grand Jury investigation. I’m not alone in asking for this, and I will also support any recall. These 4 councilmen are in way, way over their collective heads and have made our city council a spectacle, groveling at the teats of their mother ship, the 49ers.

  4. I smell a lawsuit. Thanks Suds.

    I’m sure Brian appreciates you leaving the door open for his early retirement in luxury.

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