49er Friendly Council Majority Gives Team Additional $1.3 Million, City Staff Says It’s Fiscally Irresponsible; Kevin Park Insults People Again Just Hours After His Apology

By Robert Haugh

It was an eventful meeting last Tuesday. This is part two of our coverage.

The 49ers made a pitch to the Santa Clara Stadium Authority (SCSA) to give the team an additional $1.3 million each and every year. It’s to hire new people to do the work that was terminated by the City. Yup you read that right.

In 2020, The City Council voted unanimously to terminate the non-NFL event management of the stadium because of the discovery of wage theft and conflict of interest issues. 

The team has not given the SCSA or City revenue in years. And the  49ers won’t commit that these new positions will help increase revenue. 

So obviously City staff recommended no. And they said to give the team what they wanted would be fiscally irresponsible.

So what did the SCSA authority do? They said yes, 4-2. 

The 49er-friendly majority voted yes: Councilmen Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal, Suds Jain, and Kevin Park. Councilwomen Karen Hardy who has been team friendly in past votes was absent.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe voted no.

Interestingly, the SCSA staff tried to protect the City because they knew the 49er-friendly majority would likely give the team what they wanted. 

Here’s a video clip of City Manager Deanna Santana asking Becker to amend his motion to include safeguards for the city. Becker gives a non answer.

So Gillmor asked Becker directly: “Are you interested in protecting the Stadium Authority and including those or not?”

Becker said, “No.”

Wow. That exchange revealed a lot and tells us a lot about Becker.

Park Offends Again

We wrote about Councilman’s Park’s apology on Wednesday. We didn’t think we’d be writing again so soon about the topic. 

But about two hours after Park apologized, he insulted his colleagues and City staff again. No kidding.

Here’s what Park said during the debate about the $1.3 million expenditure:

“The two council members who are lying with support from City staff seem to enjoy a false narrative that the other five council members are colluding with the 49ers against the city and this is not true.”

Park drew an immediate response from Watanabe:

“I can hear how Councilmember, Boardmember Park learned from his apology earlier this evening where he feels like he can just come out and start calling people liars and have no qualms about it. Councilmember Park, yes I am offended. … You don’t listen to your words. Let’s put it that way. You do not take your words seriously.“

Santana also smacked down Park:

“Councilmember Park, you’ve made a horrible accusation that’s based on no facts or only your wrong opinion — and after you’ve mentioned not making any accusations.

It is factually incorrect, professional insulting for you to stand here and say that I am colluding with her or Councilmember Watanabe. That is not true. That is a significant accusation that you have made after you said not to make accusations. I take particular interest on that because I adhere to my professional duties to the public agencies that I support.”

Park did not respond. 

This is probably not the last time we’ll be writing something about what Park says to offend people.


  1. It’s obvious we have the enemy within. In terms of Kevin park, it’s all on the voters of district 4. District 4 needs to stand up and get rid of this spooky clown.

    • Wonder how Kathy Kelsey feels about smart boy Kevin Park now?
      Inquiring minds want to know Kathy!!
      What a disappointment on all fronts.

  2. Well clearly the 49er five are just tepaying their debt or making down payments on next year’s election! With money that doesn’t belong to them!!

    Park doesnt know his a$$ from a hole in the wall. He should just stick his head in one and do society a favor.

  3. …your 3 million dollar investment for three council seats in the last election placed an Idiot a Liar and a Narcissist on our city council, great move for you bad for Santa Clara. With this most recent vote Jain, Park, and Becker are starting to return your investment earlier than anticipated with Chalal and Hardy groveling for your future support.

    Speaking about Narcissism, Park actually said mid way through the meeting (facebook time stamp 4:34:09) that the world was watching our City Council meetings and that they were watching because of him, WOW!

  4. Wow, can’t make this crap up. Bad enough he and his fellow niner water boys sell us down the river he insults those that stand up for us.

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