Santa Clara Councilman Kevin Park Apologizes for Calling Santa Clarans Toddlers, “If People Were Offended”

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara Councilman Kevin Park was put on the spot at last night’s City Council meeting for offensive public comments he’s made. This time he showed up.

Last week, when Park’s abusive behavior was on the agenda, he mysteriously skipped out on the meeting. Then he showed up the next day.

Santa Clara resident Lee Broughman objected to Park calling Santa Clarans “toddlers” during the debate about the El Camino Real Specific Plan. Broughman wanted Park censured or admonished.

A variety of residents called in to agree with Broughman that Park’s comments were offensive and that his style is generally offensive or abusive. 

That point was made in detail in an op ed yesterday by Kirk Vartan. Vartan suggested that Park apologize rather than be censured. That’s what happened last night.

Park was asked by Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe if he would be willing to apologize. That way the City Council could move forward on other more important issues.

So Park did. Well sort of. Here’s what Park said:

“I will apologize especially to Lee if it offended her — and it did offend her. But that was not the intent. I would have thought that people would be able to see the comment in a larger perspective. It seems like some people do and some people don’t. And my apology is for the people who don’t.”

But Park added:

“I do apologize if people were offended — and people were offended. I will try to keep things in mind in the future. But at the same time, offense is a pretty interesting animal which is — offense can happen at any time for any reason. And it doesn’t even need to be justified. It’s a feeling.”

Yup. Those were his exact words. No kidding. But this may not be the end of the story. 

Watanabe asked City Manager Deanna Santana if there have been complaints about Park’s behavior from other individuals including City Staff.

Santana said: “The City can confirm that complaints have been received and that they have been handled by the City appropriately.”

Santana was reading her statement. She was being careful. And she read “complaints” as in more than one. Oh oh.

We’ll be following this story as it develops.

Editor’s Note: I had a long day yesterday. But it was a good day. So I only watched the beginning of the meeting. I know the 49ers made a major request for more money. I’ll write about that later.


  1. Anthony!! Grow a pair!
    You got Jed and Daddy Warbucks giving youz a destination map to help the 49ersz. You iz in over youz head Little Man! Stop. You iz lozing credibility but not sure youz eva had any!

    Oh, your boyfriend TK sounds like a real twirp!

  2. Park thinks he’s smarter than everybody else. His arrogance shows with every word. Park is not very likable but Jed got him there. The voters are sheep.

    Becker on the other hand is quite entertaining. Anthony Becker shows his stupidity with every word. Trying to support Park, Becker just makes himself look foolish as with every comment. So if Park calls somebody on the council a raving a-hole, is that freedom of speech?

    Although Becker understands the plight of homeless people due to his lack of a career, he offers little to the City of Santa Clara.

    Once again, voters are sheep.🐑

  3. A predictable apology, in fact it was predicted. No scant evidence of sincerity. In fact he even took a bit of a swipe at wokeness in terms of people taking offense at the least thing.
    “…But at the same time, offense is a pretty interesting animal which is — offense can happen at any time for any reason. And it doesn’t even need to be justified. It’s a feeling.”
    If he is serious his behavior will change. Let’s see if it does.

  4. Too bad you didn’t see whole meeting Robert. Besides this backhanded *apology* which full of hot air and meaningless words Park later called city employees and two councilmembers *liars*.

    Yep, literally used the word *liars.*

    Definitely wasn’t talking about the 49er friendly councilmembers.

    Park was called out.

    Yes, this council is a circus.

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