Council Review: Councilman Kevin Park Mysteriously Misses Meeting Focused on His Abusive Behavior

By Robert Haugh

As reported Monday, Councilman Kevin Park was going to be a big focus of yesterday’s meeting.

City Manager Deanna Santana called him out verbally in a past council meeting for his abusive comments and actions toward City staff.

Santana scheduled a discussion of the topic for yesterday’s City Council meeting.

But the issue was just skimmed over by Santana because Park wasn’t there. No official reason was given for his absence.

Coincidentally, community leader Lee Broughman wants Park censured for offensive comments he’s made about the public. She sent in a request for the City Council and it was on last night’s agenda, too.

But because Park wasn’t there it won’t be heard until next week. That should be an interesting meeting.

Without Park at the meeting last night, the City Council updated it’s annual priority items that they set back in February. 

Back then, responding to the COVID-19 pandemic dominated the list. It’s still the major priority.

But here are some other upcoming ones:

Councilman Kevin Park


  1. City Manager Santana did not schedule the topic of meeting management for the Council. The topic was initiated by the Governance and Ethics Committee at their June 7, 2021 meeting and they directed that staff bring the item forward for discussion by the full City Council at the August 17 Priority Setting Session. Your attribution of her scheduling the meeting is not true. Also, City Manager Santana did not just skim over the item because Councilmember Park was not there: you are assigning intentions of her actions that can’t be confirmed. By watching the meeting video, we can confirm that she addressed meeting decorum and several slides were dedicated to meeting protocols, decorum, and management.

  2. How would anyone know if Kevin Park was missing from a meeting. He never shows his face anyway. There’s clearly a reason he’s hiding. We just don’t know it yet.

  3. Interesting turn of events last night. So the question I pose is will Kevin Park channel his inner Terminator and tell the residents of Santa Clara “I’ll be back”? Or will Jay Reed and Ed McGovern tell him to pack his bags and “Run, Forrest, run”? Only time and perhaps the District Attorney will tell.

  4. What do the (District 4) residents do for any type of representation at this point.
    This guy is a Clown, I’m talking full blown, huge shoes, Red Nose, Blue Hair type Clown. You would think that for $750,000 “Sugar Daddy” could at least buy the City a better Clown.
    I’m so sorry I think I just offended all the Clowns with this reference.
    If you see Teresa O’Neil walking around town, please tell her that we miss her and if she would consider running again. I will go to her house and grab a couple boxes of signs and go around the City putting them up for her.
    Seriously, the City of Santa Clara deserves better…. much better.

    What a shame, what a waste of time and energy this has all been.
    Burt Field

  5. Kevin Park is in hiding in Korea. As the well documented incidents of domestic violence comes back to haunt him, new allegations of abusive behavior towards city staff and others are made by the city manager against Park. Irate citizens demand an apology and censure for his demeaning comments comparing Santa Clara homeowners with the toddlers. It is also rumored that serious criminal acts have recently been uncovered that Park will be held accountable for. If Park was smart he would stay in Korea.

  6. Gee. Good job!

    I missed evening news as well as all my evening routines just to hear the Issue. I even went to chamber in person for the hearing, just to be sure.

    Keep up the good work.

    Ken Kim

  7. One can only hope this creepy guy and wife abuser stays away.

    Alot can be seen just by looking at his face.

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