BREAKING: Santa Clara City Council Forced to Reschedule “Special Meeting” About City Attorney Brian Doyle to Today

By Robert Haugh

Yesterday, the City Council was forced to reschedule their “special meeting” because they did not schedule it legally.

A special meeting is usually called for when something is urgent. But this meeting’s topic was a performance evaluation of City Attorney Brian Doyle.

As we reported yesterday, it looks like the pro-49er Councilmembers want to get rid of Doyle. Doyle has been successful in defeating the 49ers in court. Doyle has also raised issues about 49ers executives’ financial conflicts.

One of the pro-49er Councilmen, Suds Jain, said he was misunderstood by City staff about the meeting.

“I was asked for a special meeting,” said Jain. “My intent was not to have a special meeting.”

Jenica Maldonado of the Renne Public Law Group was called in to provide advice to the City on this issue. At first, she concluded that a special meeting could be held because four Councilmembers asked for it.

But Maldonado changed her advice after hearing Jain and Councilwoman Karen Hardy speak yesterday.

“Both Supervisors (sic) Hardy and Jain have said things since we’ve been in open session that are inconsistent with what they said to me on email,” said Maldonado.

Because of that, the City Council had to reschedule the meeting to today at 6:30 pm.

Doyle objected to yesterday’s special meeting. He repeatedly said that he wanted to have a fair process.

“I do not object to a properly scheduled evaluation,” said Doyle.

Former City Clerk and City Council candidate Bob O’Keefe called in and asked for a video copy of yesterday’s meeting.

O’Keefe said he wants the public to know who Councilman Anthony Becker is having “profanity-laced conversations with” during the meeting. O’Keefe said he would have lip readers translate it.

Becker is also a pro-49er Councilman.

This is a developing story.


  1. It will be interesting what Bob finds.(love it, bob) The idea of getting rid of Doyle is just dumb.
    What we have, with these niner council members, is the equivalent of a Trogan Horse being smuggled into the council by the niners to open the gate and let the enemy in. In this case the horse came in backwards because all we see is horses asses.

    • mrhmyers – what us CH insiders see is CM tryin to distance her/she from this debacle of special meeting and sayin she had nuttin to do with it but we know there ain’t nuttin happenin at CH w/o CM knowin bout it.

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