Preview of Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Race: Two Challengers for Incumbent DA

By Robert Haugh

Next year, three candidates will vie for Santa Clara County District Attorney.

Incumbent DA Jeff Rosen will run for re-election. He was first elected in 2010 ousting then-incumbent DA Dolores Carr.

Since then, Rosen has run unopposed. But not next year. Two candidates will attempt to oust him in 2022.

Sajid Khan is a Public Defender and the first person to enter the race against Rosen.

Daniel Chung is a Deputy DA who recently entered the race.

No other candidates are expected to enter this race before the June 2022 primary deadline.

County political experts consider Rosen a strong frontrunner. But some say Rosen has never had to defend his record before and doesn’t have experience running a re-election campaign. 

A major screw up by Rosen or his office could make this a competitive race. Rosen could be pushed into a November runoff making him more vulnerable in a one-on-one matchup.

All three candidates have agreed to answer Q and A from Santa Clara News Online. So stay tuned for more coverage.

Here’s a brief bio of each candidate with links to their websites for more info.


Rosen became a Santa Clara County Deputy DA in 1995 and has served as DA for 10 years. He has taught trial advocacy at Santa Clara University Law School and has been a guest lecturer at Santa Clara University and San Jose State University.

Here’s Rosen’s campaign website.


Khan has been a public defender in Santa Clara County for 13 years. He is a San Jose High School grad. Khan has criticized Rosen publicly for prosecuting Black and Latino people at a higher rate than other races.

Here’s Khan’s campaign website.


Chung is a Milpitas native who began his career as a prosecutor in New York’s Bronx County. He’s been a Santa Clara County Deputy DA’s since 2018. Chung got into the race after he was placed on administrative leave in May because he wrote an op-ed about the rise in Asian-hate crimes that criticized his own office.

Here’s Chung’s campaign website.


  1. If you vote for Khan, you might as be voting for the DA of San Francisco and we can see how well that is working for them. He will bring the same type of policies and not hold criminals accountable.

  2. Good to see challengers.
    No one should ever feel
    that comfortable and run

    Rosen’s not
    followed through
    on issues presented.
    Pedophile Caserta is a great
    example. That guy should
    have been in prison years
    ago but people turned a
    blind eye. Including the DA’s
    office. Time for change?


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