Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Here is a video of the I Have a Dream Speech.


  1. Powerful words spoken by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., not so long ago. Mr. Haugh, thank you for taking the time in remembering and honoring the legacy of Dr. King in yesterday’s edition (01/17/22) of the Santa Clara News Online, his words have never been more important than today.

    I find it very concerning that the Santa Clara Weekly did not even cover or mention Dr King on their Facebook page or their on line Silicon Valley Voice. Recently Councilmember Anthony Becker has been very vocal labeling you and many of your readers as racist and Santa Clara News Online as “Fake News” possibly he has you and the Santa Clara Weekly confused.

    Equally concerning is the lack of recognition for Dr. King’s legacy by four of our Santa Clara Council members. Park, Jain, Hardy and Chahal all failed to acknowledge the importance of Dr. King’s memory publicly or online through their councilmember social media/Facebook pages. Some might call this lack of action disrespectful while others might even call it racist. Whatever the explanation is, Park, Jain and Chahal should be ashamed, as nobody plays the race card more than they do.

    Santa Clara, No Room For Racism!

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