Guest Opinion: Santa Clara Councilman Suds Jain Defends Proposal for 49ers to Use Youth Soccer Park for Event Parking

By Suds Jain

This week Robert posted twice on my request to have City Council discuss use of the parking lot at the Youth Soccer Park for Stadium events when there are no soccer events at the YSP. I even said soccer has absolute priority.

There was no mention of Measure R in either of those posts even though Robert knows that Measure R provides essentially iron-clad protections against using the soccer fields for anything but soccer. In my pitch at the council meeting for putting a discussion on a future council agenda, I read the actual text of Measure R which requires a 2/3 supermajority vote of Santa Clara voters to sell, lease or change the use of our parkland. That is an extremely high bar.

I have often complained about biased postings by Robert and consider his clearly intentional omission of any reference to protections guaranteed by Measure R to be another example of bias. 

So what am I trying to do. All non-profits in Santa Clara struggle financially. Grants of $10,000 or $20,000 can make a huge difference in the health of our non-profits. Presumably this also applies to Santa Clara Youth Soccer League which is a 501c3 Non-Profit that had a loss of $21,333 in 2017.

There are 135 parking spots at the YSP. Assuming two are used for Porta-potties, that leaves 133 parking spots. I guess people would pay $50 per spot and Mayor Gillmor thinks it could be much more. At $50 for 133 spots, the gross revenue would be $6650 per event. Let’s say operations overhead and maintenance is 50%, gives us $3325 per event. There are at least 8 NFL home games and about 12 ticketed non-NFL events per year. Twenty events results in $66,500 net revenue per year maximum because I imagine there would be many soccer events that coincide with ticketed events so ALL the spaces would be reserved for soccer.

My proposal is that, since this is City land protected explicitly in Measure R, the City should hire a parking management company and charge for parking. The 49ers would have nothing to do with the operation and would receive not even a dime from this paid parking arrangement.

Editor’s Note: Suds Jain is the District 5 Santa Clara City Councilmember. We provided him an opportunity to respond to articles we published last week.


  1. The problem with Suds is he’s not as smart as he looks. He has either sold out the city or he’s too f****** stupid to realize everybody can see right through his plan. I don’t think he really cares. Suds is either a lobbyist or a sociopath.

    Either way a liar!

  2. Jain goes to stadium tour and has epiphany at next council mtg that soccer parking lot can be used for stadium events and make YSL money. Hardy and chahal visit stadium and next day vote on curfew change. You cannot make this crap 💩 up! This smells even worse than 💩!

  3. Councilmember – You failed to answer one fundamental questions: Why are you proposing this? Is it really that you’re brainstorming on behalf of the Children’s Professional Soccer League? They certainly didn’t ask you for this change.

    Or is the reason, the 49ers ask you to propose this idea? If so, then you have a major conflict given their past financial support and you look like a lobbyist for the 49ers. While this may be legal and even a good idea, the message you’re sending is that you work for the 49ers, not the community.

    Be transparent about the genesis of this idea – the community may not like it but at least you keep your integrity.

  4. After all he is only following orders.

    Suds 49er to do list;

    1. Fire the City Attorney: Done
    2. Extend stadium curfew: Done
    3. Give away the soccer park: Pending
    4. More orders to follow

  5. These parking spots should be sold exclusively to Santa Clara residents. Parking at the stadium is expensive and it should be a perk for residents.

  6. Suds stfu you are a pitiful excuse for a vice mayor. You are a proven liar and continue shady dealings with the 49ers. Forwarding confidential emails to your 49er partners, plotting to fire the city attorney, city manager, the mayor…No one in Santa Clara trusts you or respects you. Now you’re here with your opinion crying like a bitch about bias journalism. When are you going to talk about the 49er law suits the city is battling? Your only agenda has been helping the 49ers screw the city over. You’re trying to hustle up a few grand in revenue by screwing over the kids and the soccer park but never mention that you and your 49er business partners are costing the city hundreds of thousands with all the shady court fights we are currently battling.

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