Santa Clara City Council Priority Session On Tuesday Will Discuss Taking Away The City’s Elected Police Chief and City Clerk

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Santa Clara City Council priority goal setting session has a packed agenda. It’s so much that the 2:30 p.m. meeting has a possible second session on March 1. 

Major topics include a budget update, 10-year financial forecasts, accomplishments, state of the City, strategy and council priorities. 

Other Items scheduled include:

  • Sanitary Sewer Laterals
  • Elected Police Chief & City Clerk Ballot Measure for November 2022
  • Election Reform/Campaign Contribution Cap
  • Internet Equity and Wifi
  • Ballot Measure for Infrastructure Bond or Tax
  • Discussion of New City Hall in New Santa Clara Downtown Plan
  • Proposal of New City Film Commission
  • Construction of Lawn Bowl Facility for Consideration
  • Installation of Rainbow Crosswalk(s) Painting in Santa Clara
  • Installation of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Crosswalk at Kiely/Mauricia
  • Establish Stadium Neighborhood Relations Committee
  • Feasibility Study for Constructing a roadway undercrossing at the RR tracks separating Benton Street and Brokaw Road near the Santa Clara Caltrain Station and Future BART Station (Referred from 1/5/2022 Study Session)
  • Approve the review of the Senior Advisory Commission Transportation Interest Letter and refer the issue of a transportation needs analysis
  • Swim Club Presentation on the remedial condition of the facility
  • Consideration of current janitorial services contract renewal based on public comment experiences with the vendor
  • New Written Council Request Submitted by Vice Mayor Suds Jain dated February 1, 2022 — Requesting a Discussion on Dissolving Parking Maintenance District No.122 – Franklin Square and Possibly Negotiating a New Agreement to be Agendized to a Future Meeting

Interesting tidbits include reports by staff that being without a full-time City attorney has impacts on routine business.


  1. Of course the City Manager wants to shut down the DEI Taskforce’s recommendation or any other talk about keeping the Police Chief position an elected one. That way she can appoint someone who will be her puppet and not someone who will do what is best for the citizens. How long are we going to let her reign of terror continue? It is time for her to move on.

    • @Sue C Love emotional drama based on nothing. Say what? In many cities that appoint a Police Chief, the City Council does the appointing. So maybe you want to do a bit of investigating before making assumptions?

    • TG the residents of SC unequivocally love to elect the Chhief! look at charter review cmts of past. this is no brainer. elect the chief or york and his stoole pigeons pillage again.

  2. Reading this list and looking at the City’s website ya’ gotta’ feel sorry for staff due to the attitude of obnoxious and overbearing attitude certain council. Good luck tomorrow. Definitely gonna’ need it.

  3. I encourage citizens to use the eComments section of the Legistar City Council Calendar, (Click eComments from here: If not enrolled in eComments, be sure to do so or your comment will not be saved.) or, alternately, make a public comment during the Council meeting.

    For example, regarding Agenda item 6.(B) 2. 2022 Council Priorities Strategy / Additional Items Referred to Priority Session / Elected Police Chief and City Clerk Ballot Measure for November 2022 find eComment:

    “By court order, the City created Districts to remedy a form of racism, but now the City Council is in the process of ignoring its own Task Force on Diversity Equity and Inclusion, which recommends keeping an elected City Police Chief and an elected City Clerk. If, indeed, the Council does ignore its Task Force, this action will provide plenty of interesting campaign fodder in upcoming District elections.”

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