City Council Preview: Yet More Closed Session Discussion on Interim City Manager and Attorney

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s City Council meeting includes discussion in closed session about the vacant City Manager and City Attorney positions.

There could be an Acting City Manager appointed tomorrow. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow morning in this column. 

Here’s what is on the agenda:

  • Closed session — Public Employee Appointment — Interim City Attorney
  • Closed session — Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release
  • Closed session — Public Employee Appointment — Acting City Manager
  • Closed session — Conference with Real Property Negotiators — with Santa Clara Unified School District regarding Youth Activity Center, Teen Center and Skate Park
  • Closed session — Conference with Legal Counsel-Anticipated Litigation — Exposure to litigation — Demand letter from Abramson Labor Group, representing Leo Valdez, dated February 22, 2022
  • Proclaim March 2022 as Red Cross Month
  • Proclaim March 2022 as Youth Arts Month
  • Public hearing — Report and Presentation from the Independent Redistricting Commission on the 2020 Census Redistricting Process and its Adoption of a Final Map; Action on the Introduction of an Ordinance Adopting the New Council District Map
  • Public Hearing — Adoption of a Resolution Ordering the Abatement of a Nuisance Consisting of Growing Weeds in Association with the County Weed Abatement Program for 2021-2022
  • Public hearing — Action on the Patrick Henry Drive Specific Plan


  1. Sorry about your situation Leo, but I am against anyone suing the city. If you’re just trying to get paid for your hours worked I’m okay with that, but if you’re trying get extra such as damages etc. then I hope you are unsuccessful. If you belong to a union then they should go to bat for you, no need to involve lawyers.

    • I hope if you honestly want to know where our tax dolla rd are going to feel free to contact me. It’s important people know.

  2. Maybe a little closed sessions before your fire people will help you derive a plan. It’s obvious you don’t react well to your own hasty actions.

    • You do know they would force me to put less hours than actually worked , they retaliated against me for speaking up, they spread false rumors about me , they violated my HIPAA laws, would not provide safety fall protection for going on Roofs when doing solar panel replacements and repair, they harass us, and don’t pay us what we are owed. You forget what happened with the firefighters where they also didn’t pay us what they owed us and we sued them and won?

      Maybe read up or ask before making such statement unless your against getting paid for the hours we worked.

      I don’t want to get paid over but neither get paid less. You can contact me if you have any questions because the ones you should be upset at is the managemt along with Deanna Santana.

    • Maybe you should ask how much the city owes for wage compensation and after they retaliated harrased violated hipaa laws, unsafe practices against osha rules even after it was brought up , forced to put less hours in timecard for hours worked and made a lot of illegal activity. The corruption is astonishing and you should really consider what is going on in the city as concerning because let me tell you, the government keeps a lot from the public and it’s sad that tax payers , me and you pay the price for their mistakes and illegal actions. Email me and we can talk

  3. Looks like more going on in closed session than open session.
    Just sayin’.
    Can’t wait to hear the wise and wonderful decisions from
    Jed’s team.

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