Santa Clara Still Has No City Manager, Future Replacement Will Likely Get Huge Salary and Only Work Part-Time

By Robert Haugh

The Santa Clara City Council met in closed session last night to discuss the interim City Manager appointment. But there was no reportable action. 

So Santa Clara still doesn’t have a City Manager after the 49er Five fired Deanna Santana a month ago.

After yesterday’s column about former City Manager Rajeev Batra being the likely choice of the 49er Five to be an acting City Manager, we received additional information from a reliable and knowledgeable source about city management and the CalPERS pension system.

According to publicly available information, Batra is expected to earn approximately $225/hour. His full time pay equivalent would be $468,000 per year, or $39,000 per month. Wow. 

But Batra is considered a “retired annuitant” so he can’t even work full-time as City Manager. Double wow.

Batra has not been officially hired despite some erroneous reporting


  1. It makes sense that Miles would have access to the goings on at a closed session, just like Jed has, right?
    “The Council made the decision to hire Batra for the top job at its closed session this week.” was reported by the bigvoiceonthedarkside Mar 22.
    Some people, if they are going to jump out of a window, will look to see where they will land first. But not jed’s puppets. They seem to fire people w/o having a plan. ‘Just following orders here’, thinking wasn’t required. Our ‘civic leaders’, right?
    Wish this were some other town so we could buy popcorn, watch and laugh, but we are in it.

    • And now taxpayers got a former interim
      CM pension to pay, a fired CM severance
      to pay and now the former interim CM
      to pay AGAIN and a future CM salary
      to pay.

      Let’s do the numbers.

    • Howard… you saw the “To Do” list I put out there the other day right?
      At no point did I ever mention, individual critical thinking.
      A box of butterflies has more collective individual brain power than this group ever will.
      Chaos is a good warm space for these idiots to work in.

      Accountability will be critical. This small group has effectively torn down our City Government in record time.

      Byron, we are working to get all forms and numbers correctly filled out before we submit for the Recall. Turns out it’s just better / cheaper to do it right the first time.
      I do not bluff, I do not play games.
      Grab a seat, this will be interesting.

      Burt Field….Accountability will be critical

    • Burt, No, you do not bluff or play games. You know exactly what you are doing. Thank GOD we have you. I am here if you need me.

      Please save me a seat.

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