Councilman Kevin Park Fails to Post Apology for Abusive Comments Online That He Promised Santa Clara Residents

By Robert Haugh

Over three weeks ago at a Santa Clara City Council meeting, Councilman Kevin Park was forced to apologize for comparing former City Manager Deanna Santana to a “dog.”

Park read a written statement that night.

“I am sorry and embarrassed for the statements that I made to local media regarding the situation around our city management,’’ said Park.

“I fully accept faults for my poorly thought out analogy. My comment was thoughtless and I regret making the statement.”

Park said that he would publish his full apology on his website and the City’s website if possible.

That was on March 8. As of today, Park hasn’t published his apology.

Here’s Park’s website

He hasn’t posted anything for about a year.

Park’s apology does not appear on the City’s website either. No one at City Hall has received a request from Park to post his apology.

A member of one of the coalition groups who held a press conference calling for Park to be admonished or censured for his comments about Santana is not surprised.

“We knew he had a reputation for being abusive. We now know he’s a liar, too,” said the representative who is considering follow up measures. 

This is a developing story.


  1. This is exactly what abusers do, they deny, deflect, minimize or rationalize their actions, often blaming the victim as if it was actually her fault for the abuse she received but they will never truly apologize.

    Parks days of hiding behind a computer screen are soon ending. For the first time since he was elected, Park will have to actually sit on the dais and face the public and the two confirmed police responded/documented instances of domestic violence calls involving him and his wife. On one of the calls his wife tells the dispatcher that he had hurt her. Park will also have to answer many other allegations of improper behavior towards city staff and the public.

    • LOL Weej!! I’ll expand your thought – “Park is not the Councilmember we wanted, but the one we deserve.”

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