Santa Clara City Councilman Kevin Park Under Fire for Comparing Former City Manager to a “Dog”

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara City Councilman Kevin Park is in the middle of another controversy. This time Park is under fire for comparing former City Manager Deanna Santana to a “dog.”

Here’s what Park told the Mercury News on February 24 about why he voted to fire Santana:

​“When you get bitten by a dog, you need to heal regardless,” he said. “The teeth may leave holes, but you need to remove the dog. There’s some things you have to do.”


Yesterday, six local organizations condemned Park.  Those groups were:

  • Asian Law Alliance
  • Asian Pacific Islander Justice Coalition
  • ConXión
  • La Raza Roundtable of CA
  • Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley
  • Native Voice

Here’s what they wrote:

“We are in complete and utter shock that any public official would compare any person to “a dog” who needed to be removed. This language is unacceptable, inappropriate, and has a negative impact beyond its intended target.

“As community leaders, representing a diverse and multiethnic community, we will not stand idly by while women are being disrespected and mistreated. We demand better from our civic leaders, each other, and the greater community.”

They’re asking Park to make a public apology.  

According to a reliable source who knows Park, he did not want to apologize last week. But Park will do so at the Council meeting tonight because of public pressure. Double wow.

Park is known in Santa Clara for insulting people and saying inappropriate things. He’s had this reputation even before he was elected to the Council in 2020 with the help of Jed York’s $3 million expenditure for him.

Park routinely insulted people when he spoke as a resident at Council meetings. He even made sexually inappropriate jokes.

Park also insulted Santana before. At the June 8, 2021 Council meeting, he said her work and her staff’s work were “FUD.”  Santana did not like the insult. She publicly chastised Park for it.

Park also insulted Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe during a debate about whether he should have been allowed to speak at an event. Park did not RSVP for the event and requested to speak during the final minute.

At the April 7, 2021 Council meeting, Park claiming he was a victim said:

“I understand the desire to help the young girl, the young Asian girl, that was abused. She’s just a child,” said Park. “But what about the Asian man that was abused (himself) by a mother (Watanabe) who acted like a child?”

Park also insulted Santa Clarans who opposed higher densities on El Camino Real.

Park in a long winded speech, insulted residential home owners. “Just like you can’t ask toddlers to specify their own lunch, you can’t really have single family homeowners design a city,” Park said on July 6, 2021.

Most Santa Clara community leaders who have worked with Park and watched him over the years are not surprised at his poor behavior. They also bet that it will continue.

This is very likely a developing story.

Santa Clara Councilman Kevin Park


  1. Kevin Park good try. Your explanation that you provided to the Mercury News today is extremely weak. You know what you meant. You exhibit the typical traits of an abuser.
    Why do you dislike women so much?

  2. Kevin Park believe he’s some kind of new age Confucius. He is NOT!

    “Fine words and an insinuating appearance are seldom associated with true virtue.”

  3. Really – only 6 local organizations condemned Park??? Where are the Unions, the Law Foundation of Silicon Valley, Labor groups, other liberal supporters of Park?? The answer is that they are nowhere to be heard now – running for cover and unwilling to admit their candidate is incompetent and racists. Sad.

  4. Go back to AT LARGE council but with a term limit and time in between terms. Not running for seat one than two etc. Besides Park all the new ones are in the pocket of the 49ers. I’m a fan but not one of them running the city

  5. Kevin Park is a racist misogynist. What do his actions say to the young Latina Santa Clara residents (and other women of color) that he feels at such ease to call Latina a DOG? As a grown adult and public official, I hope he would understand the racial and gender implications of HIS statement, but that would be giving him too much credit. HE IS AN IDIOT. Shame on him, and shame on the other Councilmembers for remaining silent. It is a disgrace that they condone this. In previous council meetings, Kevin has mentioned that he has a young daughter, I pray for her having to grow up with a father who thinks so lowly of women. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, I GUESS.

  6. Kevin Park aka Boy Genius. Hope you’re
    proud of yourself now. I feel
    sorry for your wife and child.

    Good people of Santa Clara. This clown
    is done for.

    Who is calling for his resignation?

    Tonight! There is a council meeting.
    Residents to start calling in and scream
    that this clown should resign.

  7. Kevin Park showed his true colors when he referred to the City Manager as a dog. He is not inclusive and shows his deeply rooted sentiments towards women. Kevin Park here is a quick history lesson for you. Decades ago, some restaurants and stores in the Southwest posted signs on their doors that read ” No dogs or Mexicans”. Words Matter. Kevin Park is not the diversity that Santa Clarans needs…these words that he spoke are violent and hurtful to people of color. So Kevin Park’s forced and face-saving apology is valueless.

  8. Fellow Santa Clara residents
    In a long list of negative things this one person has thrown at our City in such a short time, this is just his most recent.
    Please, I am begging my former City Council Member, Teresa O’Neil to come out of retirement to allow us, her neighbors, the honor of having her represent our best interest again.


    How many did you get? I got over 30. You would have believed Council Member O’Neil was a convicted criminal, and Fred Flintstone Park was a certifiable Boy Wonder Genius.

    How is that looking now?
    Santa Clara we need to come together to fix our City.

    Please Teresa….we need you again.
    Burt Field

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