AWARDS: Best and Worst of 2020 — The City’s Response to COVID-19, Jed York Spends $3 Million to Buy Three Council Seats

By Robert Haugh

The Good —The Leg Drop Award

It’s been a tough time for cities across the country. But Santa Clara’s response to the pandemic has been stellar. The Mission City did more than any other city in the Bay Area to help its residents.

We can thank the City staff and last year’s City Council: Mayor Lisa Gillmor, Vice Mayor Karen Hardy and Councilmembers Kathy Watanabe, Teresa O’Neill, Debi Davis and Raj Chahal.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

Jed York spent $3 million in November in Santa Clara. He got what he wanted — three council seats. Suds Jain, Anthony Becker, and Kevin Park were pushed to victory by York’s spending. All of them had run for office multiple times before and lost. This year, we’ll see what York wants for his money.

We’ll be writing more about these topics in 2021.


  1. You may be Sud’s attorney but you’ll never be the City attorney. Please focus your efforts on helping San Jose where you live.
    No drunk driving in Santa Clara!

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