City Council Preview: 49ers Want Stadium Authority, Not Levi’s, to Pay for Stadium Sign

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Council meeting includes an item to fund approximately $1 million for Levi’s signage at Levi’s Stadium.

This item is buried in the consent calendar. 

The item is extending the contract for Levi’s signage “interim repairs” to $670,000. This is for repairs to a Levi’s sign.

The 49ers have an existing agreement with Bear Electrical Solutions, Inc. for Maintenance and Repairs, but it has a Not to Exceed limit of $250,000 per year.

They are proposing a budget amount of $420,000 to cover the cost of the “approved interim repairs as part of the FY 22/23 SCSA Capital Expenditure Project titled Levi’s Naming Rights Existing Signage Lighting and Driver Repair Project.” 

So the yearly fees increase from $250,000 to $670,000. Wow. 

And the team wanted the Stadium Authority to pay for it. It’s estimated to cost $1.3 million. 

That’s money that could potentially go to the City’s general fund. So that means Santa Clara taxpayers would be paying for a new Levi’s Stadium sign by calling this a “repair.” Levi’s is responsible for replacing a sign. This gets the company off the hook.  Double wow.

Councilmen Anthony Becker and Kevin Park were pushing hard for the public to pay for a new sign even though that’s the responsibility of the Levi Strauss company.

There’s also over $55,000 in spending for 49ers stadium management employees to attend conferences in Las Vegas, Orlando and Washington, D.C.  Here are the junkets:

  • $13,400 for a conference at Caesar’s Palace. This includes hotel, airfare and food for four.
  • $9,800 for a conference in Las Vegas in June — four stadium employees.
  • $11,600 for a conference in New Orleans — four stadium employees.
  • $10,600 for a forum event at a location not yet announced in February 2023 — four stadium employees.
  • $13,650 for an NFL Guest Services and Security Conference in D.C., for six stadium employees.

Here are other items on the agenda:

  • Closed session Conference with Legal Counsel-Existing Litigation —Jesse Scott, on behalf of himself and all others similarly situated v. Santa Clara Stadium Authority, Santa Clara County Superior Court Case No. 21CV386790
  • Closed session Public Employment Appointment — Title: City Manager
  • Study Session – Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Presentation on the Architecture and Site Layout of the Proposed Santa Clara BART Station
  • Proclamation of National Public Works Week 2022
  • Recognition of Outgoing Youth Commission Members FY2021/22
  • Action on Appointment of Youth Commissioners for the FY2022/23 Term
  • Presentation by Senior Advisory Commission on the Upcoming “Be Strong, Live Long” 2022 Health & Wellness Fair
  • Action on a Council Written Request Submitted by Vice Mayor Suds Jain Requesting to Place an Agenda Item at a Future Council Meeting to Discuss Whether SBL Contracts Should be Sold on Extra Field Seats
  • Public Hearing: FY22/23 Annual Action Plan (FINAL) for the Use of Federal Housing and Urban Development Grant Funds
Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara


  1. Good comments and reporting that needs to go a step further. Call in oh yeah mtgs are in person now so hustle to city hall and vent! Your voice matters!

  2. This council has been one disappointment after another. All I hear is spend more money on studies and “I have” “I want”,” I like”, “I do”…? What do people in your District want? It’s not your opinion that counts it’s ours.
    What are the 49ers paying for? Stop the Insanity!

  3. Looking in my crystal ball…….5 to 2 the sign gets paid for by US! And I bet Suds came up with the SBL idea on his own…seems like something he would be sitting around thinking about one afternoon,, doesn’t it!!!! ….

    • You mean Suds was sitting around in one of his 49er meetings and spoonfed ideas.
      Amazing this all came up after the city attorney and city manager got fired by suds.
      there are now temporary people WAY OVER their heads making decisions for city.

      Yep, I’d bet money on that 5-2 decision.

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