Santa Clara Measure D Will Change City Charter to Create Districts Even Though We Already Have Them

By Robert Haugh

In Santa Clara, Measure D is the only local measure on the June 7, 2022 ballot. 

Measure D would amend the City Charter to align with the current district election model in place since 2018. It’s an update to the charter itself to conform with the current practice of district elections. 

Santa Clara was forced into district elections by a court case even though the City Charter determines how city elections are held. 

This move is considered necessary so that there won’t be confusion in the future since the Charter calls for at-large elections for councilmembers.  Only voters can change the Charter.

Interestingly, if Measure D fails, nothing happens. The districts will remain according to the City’s legal staff.

Here’s the official ballot language:

DISTRICT COUNCIL ELECTIONS. Shall the City Charter be amended to elect city council members by district, excepting the mayor, to establish six districts for the election of one council member to represent each district; and to establish a 30-day residency requirement for all elected officials?

Here are some additional resources:

Impartial Analysis

Argument in Favor of Measure

No argument in opposition to Measure D was filed.


  1. First day he was elected wifh 49er money, Suds Jain got to the corner and put out his vote for Rahul to use and brought Becker and Park with him. Jain hates Lisa Gillmor as much as the 49ers. All his talk about task forces is phony, he was welfare shaming just like any Trumper. Business downtown? Jain has done nothing downtown. Gillmors have brought in two dozen businesses. Jain and Becker want 90 k a year

  2. Galt, everyone knows whBuat Jain implied. My friends in the area have heard pop off all over town about Lisa Gillmor and her family. They also know what he thinks of people who think that he is out for Suds Jain which is true. In 2010, Jain told people in the area that he thought the 49ers were beholden to the Gillmors whom he thought were rotten despite the dozens of kid groups they backed. In 2020, they were shocked to Jain say he had the best approach to help the 49ers and that he knew Lisa lied on her 700s which the court proved wrong. Now Jain is whining to whoever will listen that Haugh is paying for all the CPRAs and if you read Haugh you know he would pour water on that other guy if he was on fire. People like Rahul live in Santa Clara?? I doubt it.
    Jain said the other day he has the goods on Watanabe. As for the other comments he made, Jain was given a private investigator’s report of a half dozen people he asked for, hence the blather

    • I am a dummy. I am supposed to be taking English at Laney. Haugh would NOT pour water on that cpra guy if he was on fire. News to Suds, my aunt who gets Meals on Wheels in Orinda once said people who have too much to hide always hate people askingn

  3. As the biggest proponent on the Santa Clara Council of the Homeless Task Force, deeper levels of affordability in inclusionary housing, and the LifeMoves interim supportive housing project for families on White Oak Lane, I find it profoundly ironic that someone who uses the pseudonym of John Galt is on public assistance. BTW, John Galt is a key character in Ayn Rand’s book, hence the reference to her and her constant railing against government assistance.

    • Never mentioned in Atlas Shrugged. Ps, Aynd Rand was never discussed with 49ers but other people were. The City Clerk helps with Form 700s with most people. Perhaps it was the form 700 of the Mayor’s.

    • Suds for Mayor! Not! Guy has too
      much time on his hands and the
      Gillmor family seems to occupy a lot
      of that time based on Suds words
      anytime he opens his mouth.

    • Suds Jain is a legend in his own mind.
      Just like his legacy with Levi’s Stadium.
      Let’s start a new Suds Jain Hall of Fame.

    • Suds – Nice try twisting your words. You said, “…John Galt who lives on public assistance like his idol Ayn Rand” and you were referring to a long held but false rumor that Rand lived on welfare.

      Your response demonstrates that you just don’t understand your role as an elected leader of 120,000+ people. Words do in fact matter. And yet you carelessly spew half truth and attacks on people, instead of taking the hits and moving forward, which is an inseparable part of your job as a public servant. That’s called leadership and it takes a thick skin.

    • We need the Weekly to identify all those receiving cal mortgage assitance or utility assistance in santa clara. They are not allowed to criticize suds.

      Who wants to ask the council to censure Suds Trump? Remember gissler attacking seniors??

    • Suds relying on misinformation has been a problem for years now.

      Well Suds, here’s one fact: When Ayn Rand died, she was so successful, she left an estate large enough to become the Ayn Rand Institute.

      Your legacy will be Levi’s Stadium – enjoy!

    • Imagine an elderly couple who need home care and food in need critical of suds. Only the rich can file a public record act request about suds’ private meetings with rahul. “Eat your gruel and like it,” the Jain rule. Gissler once attacked seniors saying they get too much. Will the Mayor help getting Suds the Sanitary District 4 job?

  4. Is that the same John Galt who lives on public assistance like his idol Ayn Rand? The same John Galt who doesn’t even live in Santa Clara but “is fond of” Lisa Gillmor and tries to curry favor with her by attacking public officials. The same John Galt who fancies himself in the same league as Bob Woodward but is unwilling to use his own name which for years has had poor reputation in Santa Clara for being a dirty trickster by running a blog that libels people.

    • Suds are you shaming people on public assistance?
      As an elected official u should be ashamed of yourself. Clearly you don’t have compassion and are ill fit for this job. SMH.

    • Suds – No need to drag Ayn Rand into your attack. Please have a little respect for those who were born with little means but ultimately lived their dreams. We can all learn from her story.

    • People not allowed to ask Suds

      Social Security
      Food Stamps
      Section 8
      Hmm, there is a civil rights issue here


      For a guy who thinks Lisa Gillmor stole all her money and that he represents downtown but is prevented from voting on any thing downtown, jain sure has a big mouth. Btw, I read this blog and i disagree with Haugh 96 percent of the time. But I read it. Never actually read Haugh trash a person needing care, I give him that.

  5. Another issue. Several local politicians told me they worried about districts because it would make it easier for the 49ers to buy seats. This was about 4 years ago. They certainly were both knowledgeable and prescient. (poor luck for us)

  6. Another reason to vote No on D! Jed’s crew were on on making sure Measure A failed. Karen and Raj were coached for forum to argue pros/cons. Check out text msgs between 49er mgmt Rahul Chandick and Karen Hardy the day after Measure C failed:

    Wednesday, March 4, 2020

    Rahul – 9:54 am: Congrats to you!

    Karen – 9:56 am: Group effort, great work from everyone. I have a meeting at the city today. I will try not to smile too much. 😊

    Rahul – 10:06 am: Smile. You deserve it! Great job at the debate.

    Karen – 10:08 am: Thank you (probably acting like a blushing bride)

    Chandick was even texting with Suds Jain in February 2020 about opposing Measure C. This was before Suds was “elected” to District 5 in November 2020!

    February 4, 2020:

    Rahul – 4:12 pm: will you be endorsing no on measure c?

    Suds – 4:40 pm: yes, I signed the ballot argument

    Rahul – 4:41 pm: Lol! Then you were one of the first to oppose.

    Rahul sends link from their financially backed blog SJ Spotlight about 49ers jump in to defeat measure c

    Suds – 4:42: we’ll I voted again 3 districts on charter review. Thanks for the article

    Rahul – 4:43: just a heads up. Think it’s important we step up too.

    Suds: 4:55: do you really want to poke the bear?

    Rahul – 4:58: I think that ship sailed some time ago….

    These incriminating texts can be found in a public records request 21-780 and is available on city’s public records requests. It’s awesome. Stay tuned for more drama from “As The 49ers Turn.”

    • Careful, suds may accuse you of violence. He equates cpras as a form of threat

    • John Galt, Cpra’s should be the least
      of suds Jain’s worries now. Evidence
      is mounting against him. He should
      be focused on jail time.

  7. Amen, mrhmyers, I hope D fails.
    It would send a msg that
    Santa Clarans don’t want others
    making decisions for us.

    Vote No on D and send a msg.

    • Already sent my ballot in. Voted no. To hell with the “judge”.

    • Look. Any schmoe who is a grocery clerk and lives on Agate has the right to file a cpra on any local official to find out whatever. Suds writes it is like a physical threat. He whines it takes him one hour a day. Oh what a burden. He claims it had cost the city 20 grand to respond to 60 cpras.

  8. I was on a charter review committee that looked at districts but there wasn’t time. For me, I favored districts but the current situation is just wrong. Our charter is like our constitution. The judge, single handedly, squashed our charter and now we are supposed to provide him cover by changing our charter? I say BS.
    He does not have the authority to revoke our charter, the legal system is supposed to support our charter. If the charter goes against the state or federal constitution then point it out. It does not and I will vote against the judge that called us all racists.

    • Ok i see the reasoning. Btw the County Civil Grand Jury got a complaint filed against Jain Becker Park
      But is thin. It needs 6 more people complaint is.about 49er mtgs. Attacking field attacking mayor it needs 6 santa clara residents

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