Santa Clarans Honored for Being LGBTQ+ Pioneers

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clarans Arlene Rusche and Clara Brock were honored for being pioneers for the LGBTQ+ community by Assemblymember Evan Low.

“I was honored to be able to recognize Arlene and Clara for their accomplishments and continued advocacy for the LGBTQ community. They have paved the way for our nation and we must continue to build on their work.”

Mayor Lisa Gillmor and the City Council honored Arlene and Clara on June 21 during the Council meeting.

Arlene taught at Santa Clara Unified School District for 16 years. 

Clara served in the U.S. Navy for five years and served 15 years in the Naval Reserve, retiring as a lieutenant.

Arlene and Clara have been in a committed relationship since early 1992. They were legally married in 2013. 

Arlene was 73 at the time. Clara was 86. 

Low said they  “remind us that love can be found at any age.”


  1. A wonderful tribute of love and the lgbtq community. Thank you to Arlene and Clara for being examples of love and mentors. Gabrielle Antolovich is same. You all have positive msgs. I love you.

    Santa Clara city council has a openly gay councilmember Anthony Becker like the city did with Jamie McLoud. Jamie was positive. Good public servant. She stood against stadium vote.

    Becker meets with the city’s No. 1 enemy, 49ers. Firing city staff. Taking orders. His boyfriend Abel aka LaLaVerite uses social media to attack people he don’t like. Like Lisa Gilmore. He lies. A lot. Both not good for Santa Clara or lgbtq family.They are bad juju.They give lgbtq a bad reputation. We need love and support. Not constant hateful rhetoric.

    Be like Arlene, clara Gabrielle Jamie and Evan.

    Thank you.

    • Becker has done nothing for the LGBTQ+ community. Becker tries to trade off of him being gay. Becker is only out for himself. Becker is a deficit to the gay community..

  2. Thank you Assemblymember Low and Mayor Gilmore!
    So much more to be done to protect the rights of ALL people!

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