Busy Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival Draws Good Crowds and Political Candidates

By Robert Haugh

This past weekend, Santa Clara’s annual Art & Wine Festival drew good crowds on Saturday with less attendance on Sunday because of rain.

Initially, 25,000 people were expected to attend the 40th anniversary event in Central Park but that number may have been lower because of the weather.

The Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival raises money for Santa Clara community groups and nonprofits. Approximately, 160 artists and vendors offered entertainment, crafts and food.

Saturday afternoon was a busy time. Commemorative wine glasses were sold out on the first day drawing some complaints from attendees who visited only on Sunday.

Numerous candidates showed up to meet Mission City residents.   

According to organizers, Mayor Lisa Gillmor was the only candidate who attended both days.

She and Councilman Anthony Becker who is running against her for Mayor had a booth. Gillmor’s booth showed significantly more interest and activity from the festival attendees.

Councilmembers Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy attended the festival on Saturday. So did Councilmember Kevin Park.

So did their opponents Larry McColloch and Christian Pellecchia.

Recall organizer Burt Field was also working the festival and drawing interest from local residents about his efforts.


  1. Had a good chat with the opponents for Chahal and Hardy. I liked them even though I can’t vote for them. I will be happy to get these guys elected.

    • Laurie, you must be a fan of the 49ers running our city. All these two have done is support the 49ers in lieu of what’s good for the City of Santa Clara. Total sellouts.

    • Hi Guess Again! To be clear. I wish I could vote for Larry or Christian. But I will help them. I agree chahal and Hardy are sellouts. Glad they aren’t getting free ride to re-election. Hate seeing bogus commercials and articles about how wonderful they are.

  2. Who is Joseph Easterbrook???? He gave 100 dollars to the attack Lisa Gillmor committee. From Santa Rosa.

    Why did fppc staff open case 22-00660 on Becker??

    August calendar coming.

    Three settlement meetings with 49ers and Smeagol Suds will be there

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