How to File Complaints About 49ers’ Paid Canvassers Asking to Turn in Ballots for Voters

By Robert Haugh

Some residents have made comments about how paid canvassers that they don’t know are asking them if they want help filling out and returning their ballots. 

According to one Santa Claran who engaged in conversation with a paid canvasser, the 49ers are paying them $30 per hour to walk for Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal, and Karen Hardy.

The canvasser had Becker’s materials but didn’t know anything about him.

Santa Clara City Clerk Hosam Haggag said that any complaints about canvassers or people asking should be referred to the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters.

According to Michael Borja of the Registrar’s Office, Santa Clara residents can call 866-430-VOTE (8683) to file complaints locally.

A voter can also call the Secretary of State’s Office at 800-345-VOTE (8683).


  1. Have to wonder were these ballot collectors only in Santa Clara? If so, are they part of the corruption Jed has created? If so, do we accept the elections results? Will ROV step in and challenge the election if there seems to be hanky panky?

    • Suds told them to get the ballots of those people receiving public assistance and throw them away. Note to sudzy, deadline passed. Well, expect the written petition about your slanderous comnent.

  2. The good news is tomorrow it’ll all be over and Becker will still be a council member waiting to be recalled.

  3. Mr. Fleck,

    Why not use your full name instead of an initial?

    You do realize SUFSC has not collected a penny in donations. Go try and donate at their website; you can’t – it’s not even an option.

    You look silly and petulant going after a grassroots movement. In other words, you sound like a lawyer who has few clients, and the time, and apparent motivation, to repeatedly hassle a grassroots movement, with folks who have never done this before, are trying their best to follow the process.

    It’s frankly sickening that any lawyer, looking at the totality of the situation and knowing the 49ers have millions of dollars at their disposable, could choose to go after grassroots movement of very concerned Santa Clara citizens, and point out technical missteps, like it’s Watergate, Part Two.

    Lastly, I’ve read someone using your exact same moniker here, and on what other websites, and read several times you don’t live in Santa Clara, and if true, what is your true angle here?

    I know you are constantly harassing people about not using their real names here. The point of my comment and concern is that the 49ers had both the resources and moral turpitude to find out where each civil grand jury member lives, and went to church likely with her families to worship, and publicized their names, even more so than they already are. Most of us don’t put much past the 49ers, including possible criminal conduct. Anybody speaking out against the 49ers on social websites using actual names has to consider that the 49ers could go out of their way to publicly smear anybody, including themselves.


    • Hmm, what a very intelligent analysis. Mr. Fleck who was brought before the Commission Review Committee for accusing Geoff Goodfellow for taking bribes was quoted in Metro for calling Pat Mahan “something that rhymes with witch”

      Fleck represents Suds Jain who is soon to be asked at the City Council why people relying on MediCal are considered rotten.

      Question to you as a Santa Claran, what do you think of Rahul Chandhok attacking people who attend church. The State Bar is also asking him

    • James,

      Jain did not say anything about people using MediCal. And Chandhok was not “attacking people who attend church.”

      There are many valid reasons for criticizing both and it is counterproductive to criticize invalid ones.

  4. What is the point of complaining about the offer being made? Such an offer can be made as a public service to individual voters.

    I would not give my ballot to anyone to turn in for me. Not even someone who claims to work for a candidate I am voting for.

    But there is no reason to complain about the offer being made if they respect your declination and if the offer being made in the first place does not disrespect a sign you might have on your home asking for no solicitations.

  5. This flyer is comical. I’m sorry that our City has to be the brunt of any joke, but having this person tell anyone that he is here to save our City is actually comical.
    My suggestion is something my Mom told me years ago. “Before we start to clean up the whole house, how about we start with your room first?”
    Sounded right then… still makes sense today.
    So before you tell me how you are going to get our City back on track financially, how about looking in the mirror first.
    Before you are going to take on the “Unhoused Community”, how about making sure your own neighborhood is in good shape.
    Before you plan on making the streets of Santa Clara safer, how are things looking where you live right now?
    Before you tell me you are going to save our City from dying, how about you and your four friends stop chocking us to death first!
    I am all for Bold Solutions, I think they can be exciting. However we must always be careful to confuse Boldness with Insanity. Track record is what I am going to be looking for with any major decision.
    So unless you have done it, don’t waste my time telling me how it should be done.
    Really it’s that simple. All you are doing is wasting my time.
    In life, we have some great examples to follow.
    Financial Advisor / Good financially, positive cash flow, low debt ratio, positive track record
    Personal Trainer / Good health, Fit, and a plan to stay in good health, eat better
    Doctor, Dentist Health Professional / Good health, understands cause and effect first hand
    Lawyer Personal or Business / Good record of winning court cases. Advice is solid
    I could do this all day…. it’s really that simple.
    So “Becker is Better”… where, what, how, when?
    Just for fun, I did something I had never done before. Yesterday I knock on doors for our Santa Clara Mayor. Talk about uncomfortable… but after a few conversations, I had new friends, and I am going to make a pretty bold prediction here….
    We will not have a change at Mayor. Mayor Gillmor is going to serve another 4 years. The vote will not be close.
    Thanks for everything, Santa Clara is a great City, it’s worth fighting for.
    Bad news 49ers…. we are not for sale.

    Burt Field

    • You represented that Stand Up for Santa Clara is a duly registered 501c3. Based on the screen shot from the IRS, previously emailed to you, that representation is false. Have you so notified your donors and the IRS? Very serious matter. No?

    • Hey Byron,

      You got it wrong again! if you had noticed on the IRS web site you mention for nonprofit/501c3 status, it shows last updated on 09/12/2022. If you had checked the California Secretary of State web site you would see that Stand Up For Santa Clara is listed as a tax exempt Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation with an entity number of 5245963 and that was filed on 09/13/2022. STUFSC most likely filed also with the IRS on that date or later. On the STUFSC web site they state they are a registered 501c3 entity. Great work J.B., no wonder why Jain hired you as his lawyer. Oh and finally, no, you may not deduct your donation to Becker’s campaign after he loses tonight.

  6. Sorry Rebuild Our Downtown folks, not even a mention of the new downtown in Becker’s “Revitalize Santa Clara” plan. Why? because he doesn’t care about the new downtown and never has!

    • Central Park got a ton of state money. THANK YOU ALEX LEE

      Becker’s efforts at that effor


    • Let’s take a look at Becker’s past promises!

      #10 I will not use my office to dictate any agenda, mislead the public, intimidate any resident or entity and never deny the opportunity to build better relationships. Lead by example. FAIL

      #32 I am going to stop the cronyism at city hall. I am going to bring better transparency and honesty to our community. With a new majority we will have a more open City hall. FAIL – REMEMBER THE AUGUST 30 CLOSED SESSION MEETING?

      #48 The bitter war with the 49ers and the city has to stop. No more blame game. As councilmember I will protect Santa Clara by stopping the lawsuits and the politics associated. PASS! THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU ACHIEVED DURING THE AUGUST 30 CLOSED SESSION MEETING!

      #88. 60 years ago, urban renewal and bulldozers destroyed downtown. Never fear, we will rebuild. I will champion our new downtown. Making dreams a reality. Get your shovels ready! MY SHOVEL IS WAITING. IT’S GETTING HEAVY. WHAT HAPPENED TO SHOVELS IN THE GROUND 2022?


  7. “Who” are the residents? Do tell. Lol! Note:James Rowen, who posts regularly and under pseudonyms, as you know since you require email addresses, lives in Richmond. You had actual knowledge of this fact, but continue to post his hate. Why?

    • Rowen lives in Richmond – who cares? York lives in San Francisco and is have a big outside influence on SC elections. Did you ever ask yourself why this election is so important for the 49ers? Is it that they care deeply about SC residents and want the best for them?

    • Ted,

      Attacking where one lives is attacking something that is irrelevant. Neither Kirk Vartan nor Tom Shanks are residents of Santa Clara but they have a lot to say that is of value to us.

      Whatever you feel about Fleck or Rowen is not because of where they live. And FYI Jed York lives in Los Altos Hills.

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