Where to Vote in Santa Clara Today

By Robert Haugh

It’s Election Day. If you haven’t voted yet, there are seven locations in Santa Clara to drop off your ballot between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Voters can also mail their ballots and they’ll be counted as long as they’re postmarked today.

Or you can drop your ballot in any official voting center listed on the Registrar of Voters website.

And here’s info on filing any complaints about paid canvassers or other issues.


  1. Election Day! Say NO to the 49ers $7.5 million spending in Santa Clara. Please vote to reelect mayor Gillmor, Larry McColloch (District 2) and Christian Pellecchia (District 3).

    Every vote counts a few hundred votes can decide each district and whether the 49ers voting block (since 2020) will continue to decide Santa Clara priorities or not.

    County of Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters website is a good resource as per Robert above. Please review/confirm the information I point out below or call the registrar office for help.

    You can look up your voter registration here if you have not received your ballot.

    If you missed the deadline to register to vote online you can avail of Conditional Voter Registration which allows on election day registration and voting. See below link for details and requirements.


    Conditional Voter Registration

    On January 1, 2017, Conditional Voter Registration (CVR) became effective in California. Under this new law, eligible voters who missed the 15 day registration deadline have the opportunity to come to the Registrar of Voters Office or any vote center between 14 days prior to Election Day and the day of the Election, and conditionally register to vote.

    This process is called Conditional Voter Registration (CVR).
    How the Process Works

    If you believe you are eligible to vote, you can come to the Registrar’s office or any vote center within 14 days prior to Election Day as well as on the day of the election in order to first conditionally register to vote.

    1) You must first complete an affidavit of registration (also known as a Voter Registration Card).
    2) After completing the Voter Registration Card, you will be given a CVR provisional ballot.
    3) CVR provisional ballots are subject to the same requirements as other provisional ballots, and will be treated and processed the same as other provisional ballots.
    4) Once the Registrar processes the affidavit of registration, and only if the Registrar determines the individual’s eligibility to register is valid, and validates the individual’s information, then the registration becomes permanent and the CVR provisional ballot will be counted.

    • Scott F,

      Very good information that might be helpful to some readers. If you did not register in time you can still vote as you described.

    • Voter,

      If you were supposed to receive a mail in ballot and did not then you should be able to still vote with a provisional ballot. You tell the poll worker that you did not receive your ballot and they will give you a provisional ballot and your mail in status will be cross referenced so that you cannot vote twice. Or someone cannot steal your ballot and vote with it without this being detected.

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