Early Santa Clara Election Results: Lisa Gillmor, Raj Chahal, and Karen Hardy Winning

By Robert Haugh

The early Santa Clara Election results have the incumbents winning.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor has a slim lead over her challenger Anthony Becker.

Councilmember Raj Chahal has a commanding lead over his challenger Larry McColloch.

Councilmember Karen Hardy also has a big lead over her challenger Christian Pellecchia.

According to the Registrar of Voters website, approximately 50 percent of the estimated ballots have been counted countywide. The next update will be later today around 5 p.m.

Lisa Gillmor


  1. I seriously believe voters who don’t live on the Northside and aren’t near the stadium really don’t care if the 49ers own this city.

  2. Waiting for final results. Was both excited and disappointed last night. 1st time actively monitoring a city race so didn’t have any reference regarding how fast results would be available, who would be voting, number of votes, etc.

    Initial reaction is there is a lot more work to be done. Don’t lose focus. If you feel strongly about the results then look for ways to volunteer and get active. Spread the word and thank those that do step up. Reach out to your elected officials and hold them accountable for their true record not what their campaign flyers say.

    District 4,5,6 your up, support the recall @ http://www.saveoursantaclara.com

    I’m thankful for all the amazing Santa Clara residents I’ve met and worked with over the last weeks. We are your neighbors and its worthwhile working together to make our city better!

    • Have you confirmed that Save Our Santa Clara is a duly registered 501(c)(3). One would think that would be important to you. No?

    • Santa Clarans for Political Integrity and Ethics did what their money??? Then the 24000 in fines for 49er dark money group Blupac. Homework assignment for Haugh, those 30.00 an hour canvassers for Becker, 1099 forms filled out by Rahul??

  3. Santa Clara Residents
    Just for one second try to imagine if they had a real candidate to run against our Mayor?
    What we need, is for the Civil Grand Jury to bring charges against these idiots.
    I believe there are many levels that have been complicit. My hope is no stone is left unturned as we begin to learn just how bad this all has been.
    Please tell J. Byron Fleck the Recall is coming. Sadly for him, not on his terms or his time table.
    Grab a seat, we might be talking about this short period of our Cities History for many, many years.
    When we are done, I intend to have a pretty large party to celebrate with you all.
    Burt Field

    • “What we need, is for the Civil Grand Jury to bring charges against these idiots.” As you know (should know?), is that a Civil Grand Jury cannot “bring charges” against anyone. However you are leading some heretofore “Recall effort”? Insert Facepalm. Lol!

    • In contrast to a trial jury, which is asked to reach a verdict based on evidence presented during a civil or criminal trial, a grand jury meets in secret to consider whether there is sufficient evidence to justify a formal criminal charge against someone. That formal criminal charge is called an “indictment.

      Looks like Burt is right on the money. JBF once again doesn’t know the law from a hole in the wall. So bring on that formal criminal charge against the 49er Whiners.

    • Gov code 3360, civil grand jury can remove elected officials. No wonder two law firms asked fleck to leave.

    • I would demand an investigation into voter fraud and or tampering. What did those walkers do with votes? ROV needs to look into this.

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