Santa Clara Election Update: Lisa Gillmor Increases Lead in Mayor’s Race, Measures G and H Winning, Too

By Robert Haugh

Mayor Lisa Gillmor has a 439-vote lead over her challenger Councilmember Anthony Becker.

Gillmor received 50.18 percent of the votes counted on election day which was mostly the early mail-in ballots. Since then, Gillmor has won approximately 52.5 percent of the votes counted.

The Registrar estimates that 73 percent of the total expected vote has been counted.  

Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy maintain large leads over their challengers: Larry McColloch and Christian Pellecchia.

Two Santa Clara city ballot measures were winning, too.

Measure G allows the transfer of the revenue from Silicon Valley Power to a general fund. It’s winning with 80 percent.

Measure H increases the business license tax on businesses to $45 per employee and $15 per rental unit on landlords. It’s winning with almost 60 percent.


  1. WtF Santa Clara, again the corrupt Gillmor! All of our taxes are being handed to 49ers on a golden plate.

    • Comment from Brooks:
      Corrupt Gillmor, what plant are you from. I suggest you take the time and read the Grand jury report. Learn the facts . And stop listening to 49ers misinformation. Bottom line Mayor Gillmor is working for the citizens of Santa Clara and the 49er 5 is working for Jed York. Got it,

    • The brilliant idea of Rahul Chandhok to pour 4 million in an effort to beat Gillmor is the culmination of a 6 year effort to beat her as payback for the Soccer Park battle. Fire him.

    • Thanks Diane…
      By that information alone, Today is a better day than yesterday! Seems like a great trend we are on. My prediction for the rest of the week is awesome….
      “Sunny with a chance of kicking some 49er Butt”.

      One huge benefit through all of this is our general awareness of just how screwed up things have become in our City.
      Ignorance and Stupidity are very close cousins for sure.
      However there is one BIG difference between the two, …..

      One of them is temporary…..

      Great Job Santa Clara!!!
      We are not done. Clock has not yet started, but hopefully we have all identified leaders in our Districts. If not… maybe you are it!!!

      Burt Field

    • A vote for Lisa is a vote for democracy and telling Jed to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  2. I nominate Buchser Alum for outstanding analysis. Ps a third fppc complaint has been filed on Becker.

    Notice Suds the hater is not around.

    377 a vote spent by 49ers

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