Santa Clara Elections Update: Lisa Gillmor Increases Lead to 250 Votes

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor has increased her lead to 250 votes over her challenger, Councilman Anthony Becker.

She’s picked up votes each day since election day when she was ahead by 53 votes.

Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy still have big leads over their challengers: Larry McColloch and Christian Pellecchia.

Approximately 56 percent of the expected vote has been counted according to the Registrar of Voters website.

The next update will be today at 5 pm.


  1. Great letter in the SFChronicle!

    Playing dirty politics

    Regarding “Watching World Cup will be a dirty feeling” (Sporting Green, Nov. 8): If watching the World Cup, according to columnist Scott Ostler, should engender a dirty feeling because Qatar is an authoritarian regime, then how should 49er fans feel when they watch their team play?

    49ers owner Jed York is not the emir of Santa Clara, but he may as well be, given how the team is trying to influence politics in the city. So, as fans watch the 49ers, maybe they should feel a bit soiled.

    Mark Allendorf, San Mateo

  2. Despite 4 million dollars thrown at her, Lisa Gillmor survives. Why??? We know that Byron Fleck who drinks his Super Sauce (not like Super Chicken’s mixture, does not help Byron throw his opponents for a loss), and is now employed by Jain (I hate the poor) to write for the We hate Gillmor crew. But it does not matter. Gillmor wimning

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