Winners and Losers in Non Santa Clara Races

By Robert Haugh

San Jose Mayor

In the San Jose Mayor’s race, City Councilmember Matt Mahan beat Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez, 51.2 to 48.8 percent.

Chavez got a lot of help from independent expenditures, including the 49ers who blew $700,000 helping her. According to press reports, she outspent Mahan 2-1 counting independent expenditures, and still lost. Chavez conceded last week.

Santa Clara County Sheriff

Former Palo Alto police Chief Bob Jonsen declared victory over former Sheriff’s Department Captain Kevin Jensen on Friday. Jonsen is leading 50.8 to 49.2 percent.

But Jensen said he isn’t conceding until all votes are counted. 

Jonsen succeeds former Sheriff Laurie Smith who was found guilty of six counts of corruption and misconduct on Nov. 3.

Oregon Congressional District 5

Former Santa Clara City Councilmember Jamie McLeod-Skinner now lives in Oregon. She lost her Congressional race to Republican Lori Chavez-DeRemer 50.9 to 48.8 percent.

It was a good showing for McLeod-Skinner in one of the most competitive Congressional races in the country.

Santa Clara Mayor’s Race Update

With votes counted the weekend, Mayor Lisa Gillmor has increased her lead over Councilman Anthony Becker. Gillmor has a 51.32 to 48.68 percent lead.

Gillmor declared victory after Becker conceded last Thursday.


  1. Ro Khanna had a plan to take out Citizens United. Perhaps we all can convince him to enroll Lisa and McLeod to join him.

  2. I was very sad to see that Jamie McLeod-Skinner lost her race for Congress in Oregon. Not just because of her ties to Santa Clara but because every seat in Congress that would have reduced the GOP majority is a painful loss.

    • I agree Buchser Alum – she would be great for Oregon too. Too bad SC treated her so badly she felt the need to leave and serve the public elsewhere. Thank you Mahan sisters for that mess.

    • Ted,

      Can you write more about McLeod-Skinner and the Mahan sisters? I do not know any of that inside baseball.

      From what I remember she moved back to Oregon to live near her mother and attend law school. And unless she wanted to run for mayor she was termed out on city council.

      This reminds me that term limits now will be playing into the hands of a corporate special interest that has massive long term financial interests that are determined by the city council directly or through control of the city manager and city attorney positions. When city councilpeople are termed out after two terms and there is only one other city position of mayor then the advantage of Forty Niners political spending is made stronger.

  3. Look at some key points.

    2000 votes of Cillmor,’s were on Election Day. That means that the 49ers overdid the attacks and literally elected Cillmor due to their negative ads. Becker spent a hundred times less than the 49ers.

    The 3 49er yip yips (check your muppets), Park, Jain, and Becker are three of the most incompetent council members ever.

    Hardy and Chahal would have been huge trouble for Lisa. With a controlled level of IE spending, either one would have made trouble. Gillmor surged with more attacks.

    The Grand Jury report is the IED on the road for the Five.

    Btw Jain held THREE MEETINGS with 49ers in October. Subjects

    A. James Rowen. [THEY SEEM SCARED]

    B. How to attack the Grand Jury.

    Lisa has emerged as a colossal foe.

    She won after 4 million spent to beat her.


    A yip yip

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