Santa Clara Annual Clean Up Campaign Starts Tomorrow

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara’s Annual Clean Up Campaign starts tomorrow and will run until May 26. 

Mission City residents can set out bulky items for disposal. Here’s a map of the timing for selected areas of the City:

If you want to search for your address, you can do with MapSantaClara

This website will provide more detailed information about items and instructions.

For additional assistance, call the Dept. of Public Works at 408-615-3080.


  1. a great benefit of living in Santa Clara – the opportunity to upcycle items that may go to the landfill; and the opportunity to annoy the hell out of people who dont like seeing the “eyesore”. Sometimes to the greater benefit, the greater good of our environment and the earth we have to live with a little eyesore for a couple days a year.

    • Bill,

      It’s paid for by households with a monthly fee and so for the city as a whole it has neutral cost.

      There was a recent detailed discussion about the program in a recent city council meeting and they got discussion of several different alternative ways to handle bulk waste removal. You might want to look it up to see which alternative appeals to you to suggest the city adopt instead.

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