Santa Clara and Mountain View Rank Best South Bay Cities in Bay Area for Quality of Life

By Robert Haugh

The San Francisco Chronicle has generated another ranking system for the largest 25 Bay Area cities.

In this recent story, they created an interactive tool that allows users to customize rankings by giving weight to five different quality-of-life factors:

  • entertainment opportunities, 
  • art and community spaces, 
  • walkability, 
  • diversity and 
  • environmental factors. 

If all the categories were rated equally, Mountain View ranks 8th and Santa Clara ranks 11th.  Those are the top cities in the South Bay.

(Note to new San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan: San Jose is 14th).

The Mission City ranks highest for our libraries and museums.  We’re tied for 7th.

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  1. Seems a good testament for success.

    Frequent contrubutor Kirk Vartan came up with good one.

    A cpra where Jain and Becker claim to be comparable to Don Von Raesfeld and Gary Gillmor!!!

    Wonder if it cost the city 6 million.

    Jain and Becker at the same bong.

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