City Council Preview: Interim City Manager Discussion, Levi’s Stadium Noise Monitoring & More

By Robert Haugh

Tonight’s City Council meeting includes a closed session discussion on appointing an Interim City Manager.

Interim City Manager Rajeev Batra resigned on January 31. Newly-hired Jovan Grogan doesn’t start until May. There is currently no City Manager in Santa Clara. That could be a problem if there’s a major public emergency.

The Council must appoint any new Interim City Manager in open session. 

There aren’t too many items, so maybe this will be the first meeting in some time that will end before the midnight hour. 

Here are other agenda items:

  • Closed Session – Conference with Legal Counsel-Existing Litigation — Republic Metropolitan LLC v. City of Santa Clara, et al., Santa Clara County Superior Court Case No. 22CV393667
  • Closed Session — Conference with Real Property Negotiators — 981 Fremont Street, Santa Clara, CA 95050 — Negotiating Parties: Jeff Riser, Kappa Alpha Theta; Teresa Smith, Fraternity Housing Corporation
  • Closed Session — Conference with Legal Counsel-Existing Litigation — Bloom Energy Corporation, et al. v. City of Santa Clara, et al., Santa Clara County Superior Court Case No. 21CV383800
  • Recognition of the Wilcox High School Robotics Team
  • Public Hearing: Adoption of a Resolution Ordering the Abatement of a Nuisance Consisting of Growing Weeds in Association with the County Weed Abatement Program for 2022-2023
  • Public Hearing: Action on Agreement for Services with Wilson, Ihrig & Associates for Noise Monitoring System and Services for the Levi’s Stadium
  • Public Hearing: Action on a Written Petition submitted by Laurel Anderson requesting to place an agenda item on a future Council meeting for Council to discuss approval of a Dog Park at Earl Carmichael Park on Benton Street


  1. Kirk V did right thing addressing the buffoons last night. Park couldn’t help himself and showed immaturity as did Becker. Thin skinned fools.

  2. And where pray tell, is that wonderful Suds Jain when all of this is happening? Why is he not here, rushing to defend the integrity of the Council majority with some sort of aloof and pedantic logical argument??

    I’m sure he will again bite his tongue and ignore these Trump-style antics from his partner in crime. Your silence is deafening Suds!!!

  3. So Vartan speaks on agenda items, writes letters, employs people, pays his taxes, votes

    This is wrong???

    I dont agree with him very much, but Vartan is a concerned citizen.

    Park is a punk.

  4. Kevin Park is a bully and a liar. Kevin abuses his wife and even pitted his daughter against his wife and he justifies that by saying super negative things about his wife. He is really a horrible human being. He cares more about promoting himself. At a friend’s house warming party, his friend blatantly tell him that he was single handed ruining the party. This is how horrible that guy is. BTW, how did he get voted to be the vice mayor?

    • A great children’s book, if you give a mouse a cookie, could be renamed if you give Park and Becker a cookie they will just stop talking at least for awhile.

    • Accusations like these are not fit for public posting if made without any proof and made anonymously.

  5. Kevin Park,
    Did your parents tell you that they love you as a child? You display the personality of an individual that did not receive affection as a child. Do you need someone to give you a hug? You should read Hugs and Kisses written by Judi Abbot. The reading age is 2-6 years old.

    • An old council watcher, former CAC president viewed Vartan. She remarked, “the young man is a left winger, but he deserves respect, he has to be listened to.”

  6. I agree with Ed, Billy, etc – How is this Kevin Park idiocy not getting more attention? He was displaying his typical mansplaining self by punching down on a woman, yet again. Now we have 2 misogynistic men on the Council. Power corrupts I guess.

    • Ted, only 2 misogynistic men on the Council?
      ALL 5 are misogynists and that includes Hardy!

  7. I S it necessary to use demeaning comments. Kevin is a properly elected council member. You show your ignorance with your comments

  8. Is Lisa back?? Or do we get the punk clown Kevin Park again?? Ps Park, here is a book for you and Bugsy Becker, HOWARD THE DUCK.

    • Eddie u drank the Coolaid?
      Don’t worry. Lent starts tomorrow.
      Confess your own ignorance.
      All will be right again.

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