Santa Clara City Wide Garage Sale Happens Tomorrow

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow is the City-wide garage sale.

Check out the Citywide Garage Sale Locator to find participating addresses and items sold by the host.

Remember to keep your sale safe with tips from the Santa Clara Police Department:

  • Lock your doors before and after the sale
  • Only post sale signs on private property
  • Keep your cell phone handy
  • Keep cash out of sight
  • Keep your sale out in the open
  • Don’t let shoppers into your house
  • Don’t use a cash box
  • Don’t leave your sale unattended
  • Don’t let pets roam free
  • Coordinate donations for unsold items

If you’re a shopper, keep these tips in mind:

  • Wait patiently if you arrive early
  • Don’t block driveways, fire hydrants, or handicap zones
  • Don’t drive distracted
  • Walk around flower beds
  • Have small bills and coins ready.
Image courtesy of City of Santa Clara

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