Anthony Becker and the Rest of the 49er Five are an Embarrassment to Santa Clara

By Carolyn McAllister

Another Grand Jury Report and this one the 49er Five can’t ignore, especially Councilman Anthony Becker.

Mr. Becker has been adamant that he is on the City Council to represent his constituents.

What a big fat lie! Mr. Becker has demonstrated, with his four colleagues (Karen Hardy, Suds Jain, Raj Chahal and Kevin Park) that their constituents are the 49ers.

The 49er Five blatantly disregarded the first Grand Jury Report that stated many of their decisions were favorable to the 49ers.

Now, we have a second Grand Jury Report that points to Becker as the leaker of the first Grand Jury Report to the 49ers’ (Rahul Chandhok to be exact) and the 49er-friendly Silicon Valley Voice.

Mr. Becker wouldn’t talk to reporters at San Jose City Hall on Monday. Perhaps having a felony and misdemeanor on his head has made him quiet.

These 49er Five have made the Santa Clara City Council an embarrassment in the County. 

Mr. Becker should resign and drift into the sunset. Why bring more embarrassment to our fair city?

For District Attorney Jeff Rosen to face the reporters and state being charged with perjury to the Grand Jury is very serious it means to me that the charges against Mr. Becker will stick.

Maybe Mr. Becker will flip on his four colleagues and Santa Clara can start again with truth and ethics.

At the beginning of each Council Meeting, the Code of Ethics is repeated. 

Mr. Becker, you have no ethics or integrity. Please resign. Santa Clara deserves better than you and your four cohorts.

Editor’s Note: Carolyn McAllister has lived in Santa Clara for nearly 50 years. She has served on several City commissions and volunteered locally. The above is edited slightly from the comments she made at Tuesday’s Council meeting.


  1. Disdain. Disgust. Disappointing. Drudge. Distaste. Displeasure. Dislike. Disfavor. Disapproval.

    Get rid of the 49er 5!

  2. Remember after the November election when ‘Chipping Away the Stone’ wrote the below? Too bad his “empirical data” failed to account for the dysfunctional candidate himself!!! LOL!

    “NOVEMBER 17, 2022 AT 10:08 AM
    The 2018 contest between Lisa Gillmor and Anthony Becker had approximately 16k total voters turn up, 75% voting for the known name, Gillmor. This time 28k residents cast their votes but only 51% marked the box for her.

    Let’s say all 12,000 of Gillmor’s supporters from 2018 stayed with her, and all of Becker’s 4,000 again supported him. That would imply an additional 2,376 came out for Gillmor in 2022 while an additional 9,689 showed up for Becker. That is impressive on Becker’s part as Santa Clara County saw a decrease of 89k ballots counted (-14.3%) from from 2018 – 2022 but the City of Santa Clara had an increase of 12k (+75%) ballots cast. Mayor Gillmor may have edged out Becker by a slight 687 votes but she and her allies have lost grip of the city.”

    • Thank you!!! Becker ie commitees spent 5 million. Ps, everyone track cpra 23-364.
      Formal request for Becker to acknowledge what civil grand jury documents he gave to 49ers. May 25th.

      Why did all these cpras get made???

      Because from 12/5/2020, jain, park. Becker began this 49er secret meeting crap.

      Civil grand jury was notified, and the rest is history.

      If jain and becker had not begun this caucus, becker might have won.

      Their own creation

  3. Replace all of them. The whole system has gone wrong. They all have something that is know by the other member so that can’t work together for fear someone will expose them. Santa Clara needs to clear house. Good luck in finding a good person in politics.

  4. Careful Carylon. Suds Jain,while living in his mansion, may discover you needed help and ridicule you.

    Jain=political whore
    Becker=worthless punk
    Park= buffoon

  5. Was at Eagle Scout event at st. Justin’s yesterday. The Mayor did good job. Noticed Park hovering but no one seemed to care. He was introduced but not as vice mayor just councilman. He doesn’t deserve to be the vice mayor. Doesn’t deserve to be elected.

  6. This article begs the question; Do the 49er five know they are ‘an Embarrassment to Santa Clara?’
    Not, will they admit it, or acknowledge it, but deep down do they know they are embarrassing the city they claim to love and serve? They certainly must know it, if not before now, certainly now. Do they think everyone else is wrong or is it that they just don’t care?
    By now most of us don’t care what they know or feel, we just want them in our rear view mirror.

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