New Classic Burger Restaurant Opens in Santa Clara

By Robert Haugh

The Stand is located at 785 Lawrence Expressway near Homestead and describes itself as “American classic redefined.”

They’re known for classic American food at affordable prices. 

The Stand has made-to-order burgers, sandwiches, fries, fresh salads, hot dogs, wraps, veggies, milkshakes, craft beer and wine on tap. 

Santa Clara gets a new burger place and The Stand gets a Mission City welcome from Mayor Lisa Gillmor, former City Councilmember Teresa O’Neill, and Silicon Valley Central Chamber Boardmember Diana Ding.

Gillmor and Ding, with Councilmembers Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy at the ribbon cutting.


  1. And… which District? Looks like District four. And who represents that District? Hello? Hello? Is reclusive Park anywhere around? Park is currently busy watching paint dry. P’shaw.

    • Ms Warren

      Are you interested in knowing about Mr Park’s correspondence regarding his accusations about Chief Nikolai and his lovely wife regarding Sister City money?

      Turns it Park never contacted Board.

  2. I live behind Levi’s Stadium and the California Great America Theme Park. We will soon have three Starbucks in our Area. The former Ihop will be a Starbucks. What a Waist of Space! It should have been a Huckleberry’s Restaurant.

  3. Fake news. 🙂 We lost the Grub Burger Bar though. *That* place was a good burger place. (Mint chocolate chip milkshakes!) The Stand? Not so much. There is still St Johns though, luckily.

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