Popular Street Dance Returns After Hiatus

By Carter Fulhorst

After a three-year hiatus,the Street Dance is returning to Santa Clara’s historic downtown. 

Join the community on Friday, August 4 at Franklin Square, 1100-1300 Jackson Street, from 6 to 9:30 p.m. for the Street Dance.

PopROCKS is a high energy, “immersive experience” featuring a 9-member group of male and female vocalists performing alongside a full band. They play pop hits from the 80s and 90s along with Motown classics.

Touring domestically as well as in Germany, Fiji, Mexico, the UK, the Middle East, and Greenland, PopROCKS has earned its reputation as a exceptional band. 

The band has performed internationally alongside cultural icons of the music industry, including; Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, the lead singers from Smash Mouth, Foreigner, Poison and Sugar Hill Gang, among others. 

Dancing along to the music is highly encouraged as festivities will take place inside the blocked-off section of Jackson Street, protected from traffic, but open to the public.

Food options and vendors will include “Cousins Main Lobster”, serving lobster rolls, grilled cheese, tots and more, “BBQ Kalbi’s” Korean rice bowls, “Kona Ice” shaved ice, fried chicken and waffles from “Waffle Roost”, hot dogs and chips from “Cruisin Café”, “Curiels Kettle Corn”, iced tea from “Haykaybee Tea”, and pretzels and bites from “Wetzel’s Pretzels”.

And, making a special appearance will be Santa Clara Library’s own Bookmobile.  

Remember to bring your Santa Clara City library cards and borrow a book.

Parking is limited and it is suggested that people carpool, walk or bike to the event.


    • Richard,

      This is a good point. This is the first that I am hearing about it and I subscribe to city announcements and pay attention to them more than ninety nine percent of the population.

      Glad that Robert posted about this.

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