Indicted Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker Confronts Attendees at His Court Hearing

By Robert Haugh

When Indicted Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker showed up for his court hearing yesterday, he was not happy to see some Santa Clara residents who were in attendance.

According to multiple people who were there, Becker and his family members made aggressive comments and gestures toward them.

(Santa Clara News Online could not confirm by deadline if a complaint was filed with the Court about Becker or his family members’ behavior.)

Yesterday, Becker was represented by Santa Clara County Assistant Public Defender Christopher Montoya again.

Becker had asked Superior Court Judge Daniel Nishigaya for a delay in May so he could find a private attorney.

Many Santa Clarans at the time doubted that was a legitimate reason. Becker frequently makes comments at City Council meetings about how he struggles just to get by in a high-cost and high-rent area.

Becker got another delay yesterday.  A new trial setting hearing is scheduled for Sept. 13 at 1:35 p.m.

Becker had waived his right to a speedy trial earlier.

Becker was indicted in March for leaking an October 2022 Grand Jury report to the 49ers (Rahul Chandhok) and the Silicon Valley Voice (Carolyn Schuk and Angie Tolliver). That’s a misdemeanor.

Then Becker allegedly lied to to the Grand Jury about it. That’s felony perjury. Becker could face up to four years in prison for the felony.

Becker at his August 2 hearing.

Anthony Becker
Indicted Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker at his Aug. 2 hearing


  1. While a public critic of Kathy and Kirk, i do think both induviduals have a right to view Becker’s mishaps. Becker laughed at Vartan while Park was humilating him.

    I will list the dozen issues I disagree with Kirk about, but I still regard Kirk as an OUTSTANDING ACTIVIST, DEDICATED COMNUNITY LEADER. Kirk is now championing an ethics commission which I applaud him for doing. Kirk is a true believer in community spirit. I am a political warthog. I will chew any ground in a fight for the cause. Kathy also has been maligned and taunted by Becker. There are a dozen things I oppose that Kathy supports, but she is a person with community spirit and commitment to her city. Becker needs to go, he is an anathema to the city. I abominate this Becker, he is an evil person

  2. Robert,

    When you write “According to multiple people who were there, Becker and his family members made aggressive comments and gestures toward them,” who are the multiple people who reported this to you? Erika Towne of the Silicon Valley Voice reported that Kathy Watanabe and Kirk Vartan were there. Were you there too? Did Kirk or Kathy tell you that Becker and his family “made aggressive comments and gestures toward them?” Who took the picture in this article? You? Kirk? Someone else?

    What were the “aggressive comments and gestures?”

    I remember some of the allegations made about Becker in that closed council session and some characterizations felt exaggerated and trying to make too much out of behavior that was boorish but not truly threatening.

    • I was not there. I did not provide expanded details as to what was allegedly said and done. I’m not going to provide every source I have. However, they are reliable. I would not report on things that are simply untrue.

    • Robert,

      It would be better if you would print direct quotations even if they are from unnamed sources.

      But it would be best to focus more on sources who will stand behind what they say publicly. Secondhand phrasing of something an unnamed source said does not carry much credibility if any at all.

      And in the case of the photograph I assume that Becker knows who took the picture so I do not understand why the photographer wants to remain anonymous or you want them to be.

      When it has been reported that Watanabe and Vartan were there then the few people who follow inside politics will assume your sources are one or both of them anyway.

  3. Becker and LaLa must get twitches
    in their middle fingers that just go off
    when they’re feeling defensive.
    Forgive them, they just cannot help themselves!

    • News


      Park never addressed the Sister Board with complaints.

  4. Santa Clarans

    You are witnessing the public decline of a silly person.

    Becker leaked documents


    To curry favor with a billionaire who does not care about hin.

    Becker threw Burt Field off of Parks and Rec


    For petty revenge

    Becker refuses to support an ethics commission, the one commission that check the influence of 49ers AND POA.

    Yes, P.O.A would lose influence under Ethics Commission. IT WOULD.

    Becker opposes it, opooses Vartan, an urban activist. Why?? Petty reasons


  5. Will you ever learn that everything you do is public? Making obscene gestures to people at the courthouse is unacceptable. Just think what would happen if the judge would see this kind of behavior, would he call you back to court room? I wonder if somebody’s going to make a complaint against you since I understand they have it on video.

  6. Funny if he’s struggling to get by, why he’s posting pictures of the recent (widely known to be expensive) Taylor Swift concert on his Facebook.

    • Wow…. even I am surprised at his lack of self control. Just think how close our City was to having this Individual be our Mayor… Good God, the actual vote was less than 800 voters. So what does this mean?
      Another Million or two, and they might have been able to confuse enough residents to actually vote for this “Candidate”. Trust me, I have other names I could use, but I’m doing my very best to be professional.
      So in doing the math, if just 400 voting residents changed and votes and voted for “I am not a Criminal” Beaker, he would now be our presiding Mayor!
      That really scares the living “#$@#” out of me!
      Ok, maybe not so professional.
      So in general roughly $5.6 Million was spent to get these current 49er Council Members elected. That’s really cheap, not even mentioning, that is actually money that they should have been already sent to our City, but was not for one reason or another, sorry, I digress, all the time. Try to buy even starter home in our City.
      Now here is the good news.
      Santa Clara is, and always will be a small town. Thank God, I know we can fix this.
      Just remember, whatever Jed York / Debartolo wants…. we don’t.
      They want to run right, we run left.
      They want to go high, we go low.
      They want to us to elect someone, we vote for someone else…. anyone else, seriously, anyone else.
      Bottomline, go meet your neighbor, say hi, and if they are new, or been around a few decades, let them know their poor mailboxes are about to be abused again. Educate them on just how our City has been stolen from us.
      Let them know that we still want to vote for our Police Chief and City Clerk.
      We don’t need to spend $600K, to get get rid of our right to vote…. yes, that’s how stupid they think we are.
      By the way, our World Famous Santa Clara Swim Center is in dire, and I mean dire need of repairs and updating. Yet somehow, they can’t seem to find two nickels to rub together to help fix that Iconic World Famous venue.
      Let me take a quick poll
      1. How many people want the International Swim Center repaired?
      2. How many people want to give up their right to vote for our Police Chief / City Clerk?
      How much did that cost?
      Just crazy,
      Until then, remember two things.
      1. “Orange is the New Black”.
      2. And just how close we came to having this “Sock Puppet” as our Mayor.

      See you all soon
      Burt Field

    • Burt,

      Even before the perjury charges I thought it was alarming that he could be mayor. We have a weak mayor system but he would just simply be a poor figurehead for our city. Even putting aside the perjury and the far too cozy relationship with a corporate special interest he embarrasses himself almost every time he opens his mouth to speak.

      It is bad enough that he embarrasses himself and his district.

      Unless DA Rosen has gotten over his skis then he will have Becker dead to rights on committing felony perjury. I hope he is merciful and allows Becker to plead to a misdemeanor and pursue something else in his life. I think his political career is over now.

    • Gina,

      Most people who are struggling to get by still allow themselves and can afford to sometimes splurge on something if its especially important to them.

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