OPINION: Bad Writing and Bad Management

Santa Clara Focus – OPINION: Bad Writing and Bad Management

By Robert Haugh

We know, it’s old news, but we will once again tackle editing Miles Barber’s column.  He seems to need an editor, spell checker and mathematician.

Let’s break down a few elements of his Nov. 16 column:

* Miles thinks that, “the truth is, we don’t know the truth since so little of it was used to promote candidates.”

The truth is Santa Clarans overwhelmingly voted for incumbents. The Councilwomen you viciously attacked recently remain serving the City.

* “Some observers note the election seemed more like a coup with good people being demonized and the Inquisition resurrected,” he continued.

Good people demonized? Who was demonized? All of the independent political people I’ve talked with think that the only underhanded attacks were from BluPac. Perhaps if BluPac would disclose their financial donors, things would be more transparent.

* Miles states City Manager Julio Fuentes’ “strong personality and management style was a threat. He was driven from office and replaced with a manageable talent in Rajeev Bhatia.[sic] He remains an “at will” employee.”

First, the acting city manager’s name is Rajeev Batra. Second, all City Managers have been at-will employees of the City. Again, maybe you should read your own newspaper: http://www.santaclaraweekly.com/2016/Issue-34/santa-clara-acting-city-manager-rajeev-batra-addresses-rotary-club.html

On a more serious note … the 49ers allegedly bussed in their employees to attack Mayor Lisa Gillmor last Tuesday. Almost all read from prepared notes … 49ers executives were there, too. If I were an employee and made to get on a bus and go to a city council meeting, then read a statement with my bosses watching, would I  be happy? I could be eating dinner with my family. Is this why ESPN ranked the 49ers the worst sports organization in North America out of 122 teams?

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  1. Why is someone who writes so badly writing a column? I get that he’s the publisher, but doesn’t he know that he’s not doing himself and his reader any favors?

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