Lessons From the Election – Opinion

Santa Clara Focus – An Opinion
By Robert Haugh

Lessons From the Election

1. Lisa Gillmor is popular.
Mayor Gillmor was tested during the election with a rigorous and even slanderous attack against her. Despite that, the candidates she endorsed received overwhelming support from voters. She might be the most popular Mayor in the history of Santa Clara.

2. The 49ers are not.
While much is still to come out in coming weeks, the 49ers’ on-field woes, plus their relations with the City are tarnished. Santa Clarans just don’t trust the team.

3. The Santa Clara Weekly is a waste of money.
Most of the advertisers, especially those during the election cycle, did not see a return on investment.

4. Patty Mahan got lucky with multiple candidates in her race, and still only received 33 percent of the vote.
Though the former Mayor is widely known in the community, running against two new and popular candidates, Tino Silva and Raj Chahal likely served in her favor, as both those candidates received a substantial amount of votes. Had either not ran for the seat vacated by Jerry Marsalli, Mahan likely wouldn’t have been elected.

5. The police chief has little confidence from voters.
Claiming one the narrowest wins in Santa Clara election history, voters proved they are not confident in Chief Sellers, just like his troops. This concerns us.

6. Voters like the direction of the Mayor as evidenced by charter amendments. 
Charter amendments were passed by an absolute landslide majority of voters, including salary increases for the Mayor and Council members. Unbelievable.

7.  The dark money campaign backfired.
The BluPac dark money, allegedly partially funded by the 49ers failed miserably. They likely dragged down Mahan’s vote and lost everything else. Their slimy campaigning didn’t help. Santa Clarans are smart.

8.  The SC POA is now a force in SC elections.
The Santa Clara Police Officer’s Association showed they are a major force in Santa Clara elections, with the majority of their supported candidates winning by landslides.

9. The Santa Clara Chamber is not a force and damaged their brand.
The Chamber’s “old guard,” led by Miles Barber divided their own members and picked mostly the wrong candidates. They are now in a precarious state by opposing the Mayor and the Council majority. Oops.

10. Chris Stampolis ran out of political lives
The most controversial school board candidate in Santa Clara could not survive the beating he’s taken in the community and the press for years.

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  1. The SC POA being a political force is not a good thing, IMHO. If their candidate had been something above the grade of sgt and not tied so closely to the union I could have supported him.
    We don’t need the union running our police department.

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